7-12-20 Weekly Roundup

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Oh, that Bugs. ❤️

The tortie girls (Honey, left, and Cutey) are keeping an eye on things. Someone’s gotta!

If you’ve ever caught sight of that spot next to Bunny’s right eye and wondered what’s going on there – all I can tell you is that it was like that when I got her, it has gotten neither better or worse in the two past months. I suspect it’s scar tissue from an old injury, and that the fur in that spot will remain sparse. It doesn’t bother her to have it touched, it doesn’t affect her day to day life, so nothing to worry about. I think our girl had quite the rough life, to say the least, before showing up starving in that lady’s garage.

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These goobers. If you’re unfamiliar with spitting kittens, it seems to be what they do when they’re frustrated or trying to get your attention or kind of like an emphasis. Hissing kittens will escalate to spitting to reiterate that they’re serious. In this video, Clyde is spitting out of mild frustration that he can’t get the ceiling fan – and I wasn’t looking at Cutey when she spit, so either she was trying to grab me or Clyde and couldn’t reach. (And just as an FYI – we call it spitting because of the noise – if there’s any saliva involved, it’s minimal. Human spitting is gross; kitten spitting is ADORABLE.)

Lola shows off her Ears of Annoyance.

Good night innernets. (Benjamin)

“How YOU doin’?” inquires Benjamin Bunny.

Well, that seems comfy, Clyde.

Cutey’s Yelp review: “I had a serving of Bugs Ears. Fresh and tender with just the hint of a delightful furry waxy aftertaste. I definitely recommend, would nibble again.”

Lola matches the sheets quite nicely, doesn’t she?

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Bunny loves to carry that toy – made out of dog fur – around the house. She also likes to tear it into small pieces and then carry the small pieces around while howling at the top of her lungs.

Oh that Honey (and Benjamin behind her!)

Good night innernets. (Bugs)

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I have a bed Bugs. Because I’m in bed. And his name is Bugs. (The countdown to someone stumbling across this video, thinking I have bedbugs and lecturing me at length about how to eradicate them starts… NOW.) Please don’t miss the floof-and-skitter from Lola.

It’s Toesday, and get a look at Lola’s beans.⁠

Yes it’s Toesday, but also it’s Tongue-Out Tuesday, and so here are Honey and Benjamin with their tongues on display for you to admire.

Benjamin’s got your Heart (and a tiny blep.)

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It turns out that the Fluffles are excellent napping companions. In case you wondered.

Bunny is unwilling to share the Summer Cuties box and for once the kittens are respecting her space. (It didn’t last long, though. It never does!)

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A little bit Buggy.

Good night innernets. (Honey)

“It’s 2 AM. Why you up?” Because I needed to come give you a kiss, Honey Bunny.

It’s Clean Sheets Day and my laundry helpers are on the job! (That stuffed bunny in the lower right corner is one of the many toys Bunny likes to carry through down the hallway calling for the kittens. I guess she left it for these guys in case they get hungry.)

Wherein Honey caught sight of Uncle Archie and found it the perfect time to don her Floof Suit.

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I took packing straps and taped them to the ceiling fan, then turned it on, expecting HILARIOUS HIJINX to ensue. The kittens were… a little less impressed than I expected.

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The kittens and the packing straps taped to the ceiling fan. They’re having a little more fun with it… I guess.

Benjamin is taking a bath to be sure he’s spotlessly clean.. because something exciting is happening tonight! (Stay tuned…)

Hooray, hooray, Benjamin Bunny and Honey Bunny were adopted (together!) and went home today! Happy life, sweet babies. (They will be retaining their names.)

Good night innernets. (Bugs)

One last shot of all the kittens together (taken before Honey and Benjamin went home yesterday, obviously.)⁠

Benjamin and Honey at 5 1/2 weeks old (when I first got them) and at 12 weeks old (this past Saturday.) They’ve grown a tiny bit!

It’s Thlurrrpsday, and look at Clyde’s form. That curl! Perfection!

I love that these kittens will hang out in this chair on their own. Cutey knows how good she looks on pink!

Try to relax, Bugs. Seriously.

It’s still Thlurrrpsday, Lola would like you to know.

Good night innernets. (Clyde – and Bugs and Lola in the background.)

Cutey thinks a box full of ping pong balls is just the way to start the day.

The Queen wants none of your nonsense.

Clyde’s waiting for someone to wander by so he can swipe at them.

Bugs found Uncle Archie a tiny bit scary. Who knew he could floof so much?

Look who it is, it’s Honey and Benjamin! They are doing great! RJ reported:⁠ Yesterday afternoon we let them explore the living room area. Without our older cats. And last night we opened it back up to our older two. They met the Old man, he did not care about them. Just looked them over, they floofed a little bit. Now they just give him about 3ish foot of clearance when they are near him.⁠ Here they are playing with their kid brother and sister. They already feel safe with their new mom, while they check out their Old Man brother sleeping. Made themselves right at home in their new tree.

Look at those happy little faces! (Also, how awesome is that cat tree!!) Thanks, RJ!

Good night innernets. (Cutey and Lola)

Yeah, she still (very very occasionally) lets them nurse.

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Lola and Cutey have a tussle. I love how Cutey took a long look at Lola and her Ears of I’m Not Kidding and decided it would be more prudent to go lie down in a box instead.

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Kitten play time! Please don’t miss Clyde using the scratcher as a ramp to LAUNCH himself onto Lola, it’s hilarious.

A gorgeous boy in his harness. (Clyde and Cutey are getting used to wearing harnesses, at their new mama’s request. They don’t wear them for long, about an hour. At this point they object for a moment and then forget they’re wearing them.)

There might have been an Uncle Archie on the other end of that look. Lola’s got the most expressive ears.

Bunny knows those kittens are right over there, but she’s pretending they’re not.

Good night innernets. (Cutey)


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  1. I cannot believe how many Tongue shots you captured. I really love the weekly roundups!! Thanks