6-25-20 Thursday

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I moved the cat tree from over by the wall to this spot at the end of the bed so the kittens could get onto the bed if they wanted. They wanted, although they prefer to sleep on the cat trees and on the recliner – and also in Fred’s room instead.

Lola has such a smug little face.

Honey still passes through that scratcher from time to time.

As does Cutey. Apparently it’s a tortie magnet.

Oh that Bugs. I could just squoosh him!

Hanging out, watching the feather teaser.

They love to flip that box over, get underneath it, and then stick their paws through the hole at the other kittens. In this case, I believe Cutey was under the box.

Bugs’s turn.

Benjamin, hanging out.

The kittens have met the Churu, and declared it tasty.

I love Clyde back there, all “Whatcha got?!”


The one kitten who does not care for the Churu at all is Cutey. I offered some to her, and she slapped at it and flounced off. Then did it again when I offered it to her. She wants NONE of that nonsense, thank you. Little weirdo.


Oh Dewey WHY. He was so cute enjoying the catnip, but as soon as he saw me, off he zoomed.


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6-25-20 Thursday — 5 Comments

  1. Look at how long Benjamin’s legs are! I know it’s the angle, but it’s still funny to see.

    …Churu is? A supplement, or just a treat for kittens?

  2. My cat Holly is also not a fan of the Churu. I’m not sure if she really doesn’t like it or if she just refuses it because her brother LOVES it, and she wants to be contrary. Which is actually fine, because I would probably go broke buying it if they both loved it as much as Figaro (the brother) does.

  3. Ohhh the Churu! It’s even better than ‘nip to some of the cats! It’s a goopy paste formula treat in a tube that most cats consider amazing. As to a kitty who doesn’t like it, another flavor might suit. One of my ‘grandcats’ won’t touch the Churu chicken one, but loves the Simply Nourish Mousse in Tuna and Salmon. Go figure! It sure made pilling our girl who takes prednisolone tablets 100% easier! It’s so fun to watch the enjoyment!

  4. I will never get enough of Lola’s utterly delightful belly spots. That is all.