6-25-19 Tuesday

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When I was looking for a picture yesterday evening, I realized I’d shared all of Danielle’s pictures of Ohno and Heygo except this one, which had somehow gotten misfiled. You guys have to see it, because Heygo’s face is cracking me UP.

That seems about right…

(Thanks again, Danielle!)


Oh, that Jacques. Is he one gorgeous boy, or what?

Antoine sound asleep on his belly with one foot kicked out behind him. And then I died.

Madeline and Amelie, out cold. Ohhh, the stripes and spots.

“What? You said I could have as much pizza as I want!” Amelie’s feeding that big round belly.

Look how good Esmee’s face looks! (And isn’t she a pretty girl?)

Madeline’s not sure what’s going on, and not sure she likes it.

Amelie’s puzzled by that hole.

Another shot of Esmee’s pretty face.

“Paws up, y’all!” (Madeline)

Francois strikes a pose.

And then settles in for a nap.

Since the kittens are now at 100% on the litter box usage (yay!) and I’ve seen a few climb up onto the couch, I moved a couple of small cat trees into the room (there was already one in there) and put them near the couch, so that they could get from the trees to the couch, the couch to the trees, and back down onto the ground without having to fling themselves to the floor from the couch. Naturally, they don’t find the couch nearly as comfy to sit on as I do, so they’re mostly hanging out on the trees and on the ground. But on the occasion that they climb onto the couch and then want down, how do you suppose they get down? That’s right, they fling themselves to the floor. How did I not expect that result? (On the good side, it’s a fairly low couch, and there’s a blanket and some rugs on the floor, so they don’t shatter into a million pieces when they hit the ground. Also, they’re made of cotton batting and marshmallow fluff, which as I understand it is some fairly durable material.)


Alice Moe-ses supposes her toeses are roses.

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  1. Francois – guess that’s the face you make getting your tail in perfect alignment with the background furniture.

  2. Have you ever had kittens with such big bellies? I don’t remember the Half-Pints looking that chubby. Is it healthy? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s adorable, but at times I wonder if that’s a normal condition.

    • If they weren’t acting like normal kittens (playing like crazy, eating, pooping), I’d be worried. As it is, I think it’s a reaction on their part to being partially starved for an unknown amount of time, since Margeaux wasn’t producing milk. They’ve been dewormed (which would be my first guess; they’re currently on their second round of deworming) and a vet looked them over and pronounced them healthy. I think the bellies will go away as they get older.

      • You know my first thought was worms when I saw those bellies, but I knew with certainty you would have treated them, plus would have shared wormy poops with us!! (Cause you love us.) 😉

        • I haven’t seen any evidence of worms with these guys (and I’m not complaining!), but always treat them to be safe.

          Caroline had the WORST case of tapeworms I’ve ever seen, bless her heart.

  3. Argh!!!! I want Jacques so bad! I had a Siamese boy named Arthur when I was young and have wanted another since then. Boo!

  4. Antoine is out cold on that hard wood floor. Like human babies, kittens can fall asleep anywhere! And I love the picture of Amelie, puzzling over that hole. I’d say you’re lucky she didn’t stick her head in it, and come right out the other side!

  5. “Also, they’re made of cotton batting and marshmallow fluff, which as I understand it is some fairly durable material.)”
    So kittens are tiny quilts. The stripes must be from the quilting pattern.

    • No. Kittens are razor wire wrapped in fuzz with marshmallows stuck on the wires for their brains.

  6. OK, during my road trip to Indiana, my crew in Winchester,KY had with no luck of kittens… I, like I have said before I need Jaucques. Do they need to be 12 weeks old before they leave AL. I am kinda proud where our regular customers I have worked with the TRN so it does not surprise me that I have not what “found a special kitten”.

    • They have to be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines before they can be adopted, which happens at or after 3 months. If you’re interested in filling out an application, you can email Forgotten Felines at info@ffhsv.org 🙂

    • OMG

      I am a indoor only kind of ow er for sooooo many reasons. The stress of worry would put me in my grave and the thought of their lives ending g too soon….is just too kuch.