6-26-19 Wednesday

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Antoine is just endlessly fascinated by Auntie Margeaux. She, on the other hand, will tolerate him if she’s in the mood to be nice, but otherwise she smacks, hisses, and runs away.

Esmee loves that little tree.

Antoine the little poser.

Tiny Esmee, tiny basket.

Madeline, out cold.

Amelie is a biiig fan of the milk bar, can you tell?

Esmee is a biiig fan of baskets!

Sweet Miss Amelie.

They love this rug, can you tell? (Antoine & Francois)

Amelie and Antoine. Apparently Antoine’s a good napping partner.

😉 (Francois)


Archie walks the wall.


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6-26-19 Wednesday — 7 Comments

  1. If Margeaux is not the mother of these kittens, I’m curious as to why she is still with you and not at Petsmart up for adoption?

    • Oh, if it were up to me, Margeaux would have been spayed and on her way 4 weeks ago, as soon as we realized she wasn’t producing milk. But Forgotten Felines is flooded with cats/kittens right now, so I don’t know when that’ll happen. She’s good company for Katriane, at least.

      • We can hope that she and Katriane will be adopted together! Not that they couldn’t be separated, probably, but two cats that you KNOW will get along? Very desirable, IMO!

  2. Auntie Margeaux is just the loveliest cat. She’s so beautiful (despite not caring too much for the attentions of cutie Antoine).

    Oh, I love Archie!

  3. Oh goody, eggplants with legs, my favorite kitten stage. Or, as I like to call them, legplants; if you want to get really fancy and cosmopolitan: L’egplantes! 🙂