6-1-20 Monday

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While I always wish kittens’ eyes would stay blue, I love watching the color change.

Lola’s all “What?”

Lola finds that Bunny is a very comfy bed.

Cutey’s coming to see what’s going on.

Honey has a think. I love the curly fur on her chest.

Yes that is Cutey snuggled right up to Bunny. (I didn’t see any nursing; doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, though.)

Paws up, y’all!

Previous litters have occasionally given the Fruitasan* a try, but this litter REALLY likes that thing – Benjamin especially.

*The Fruitasan (which is a hanging fruit holder) came from Pier1; they stopped selling it in the past several months, and now they’re going out of business. Coincidence?

Clyde, lookin’ smug.

Lola and Benjamin, having a snuggle.

Clyde the poser.

All is well in the kitten room. Bunny’s wound is slowly healing (I would really like to take that collar off of her for good, but not ’til her wound is completely healed. We give her time out of the collar for short periods of time a couple of times a day, and always have to cut it short when she tries to scratch. I can’t blame her, I know it’s going to be itching like crazy, but we need that thing to heal for good), the kittens are all eating food on their own, and everyone is playing with everyone else.

Clyde and Cutey are pretty much off the bottle – today will likely be the last day I offer it to them. At this point they act like they’re doing me a favor by slurping down a few swigs of the bottle before running off to do more fun things.


Dewey has a snooze with Newt.


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6-1-20 Monday — 6 Comments

  1. You must have been vewwy vewwy quiet to get that pic of Dewey!!! Way to go! He’s so handsome!!

  2. Bunny’s like “I can’t really see which kitten is snuggled up with me, but what the heck? A kitten’s a kitten!” And Clyde and Cutey are like “Look! We has a mama!”

  3. I saw ads for the Fruitasan but I’m under a different name and it was for cats. It was an ad on Facebook Marketplace!

  4. I swear if it weren’t for photos of kittens (like the “Paws up y’all” one, just sayin’), working from home would be very bland indeed. (With all due respect to my Malcolm, who is sick of me being home now – that novelty wore off).

    Gotta love Dewey and Newt totally ignoring social distancing!!