5-31-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

We’re gonna need a bigger loaf.

Mr. Ratty better watch his back.

This girl certainly does love boxes! (A lot of people have asked about Bunny’s fur and whether she’s a tortie or a tabby or something else. Bunny is a black and white tuxie – the pattern you’re seeing is just her fur growing in unevenly.)

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Bugs and Lola have a tussle.

Lola discovers a cutie pie in the mirror.

What’s better than one tiny tortie? How about two? Go to sleep, innernets, tomorrow you get to meet the new add-ins to the Fluffles. (That’s Honey on the left in those two upper pictures, in case you weren’t sure.)

Innernets, please say hello to Cutey Bunny (left) and her brother (we think) Clyde Bunny. They came from a rural shelter (the one where former fosters Charles & Caroline, Margeaux & Katriane and The Mainers came from), and were turned in as strays. They were being bottle fed, but needed a foster home. ⁠

We thought we’d see if Bunny wanted to take on another couple of kittens and she assuredly DID NOT. But that’s okay – I’m bottle feeding them, they’re learning to eat on their own, and they’re getting to know Bunny and her kittens. I think they’re a little younger than Bunny’s kittens, so maybe 5 weeks old.⁠

They’ve been introduced to Bunny’s kittens, and there was zero floofing, zero hissing or growling – just immediate playful friendship. As long as they don’t antagonize Bunny, things are good. (Even when they do antagonize Bunny – usually by batting at her tail – she only hisses and growls and then smacks if they don’t get the hint. Not any worse than she does to her own kittens when they need it.)⁠

They’re allowed out in the foster room during the day right now, and are in a cage (it’s a big cage! Plenty of room! THEY ARE NOT SUFFERING) at night. I expect we’ll give it a few more nights and then leave the cage open all the time. (Even during the day Cutey & Clyde return to their cage to nap. It’s their safe space.)⁠

Benjamin took one look at the sweet setup in Cutey & Clyde’s cage and declared it good.

“Does you love me yet, grumpy mama kitty? No? Okay, maybe later!”

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A bottle baby who latches onto the bottle with very little coaxing is worth his weight in gold, I swear. (Clyde and Cutey.)

I tend to forget that not everyone reads the blog, so here’s why Bunny is now wearing a soft cone collar instead of the vet wrap & dressing: she started scratching at her wound. The wound is located in just the right place (under her chin) that unless I wanted to wrap the vet wrap around the top of her head (and I did not want to do that), it wouldn’t cover the wound. But since Bunny wasn’t scratching at the wound, it wasn’t an issue. Then she DID start scratching, and there was really nothing to do but put the soft cone on her. She was really touchy Sunday, a little less touchy today, and hopefully she won’t have to wear it for too long. Her wound is already looking SO much better (and also I’m giving her short periods of supervised time without the collar so she can bathe.) So that’s why the cone. 🙂

Good night innernets. (Benjamin, Bugs & Honey)

Well THAT seems comfy, Honey.

Honey & Lola tussling. Nothing to see here, move along.

Bunny’s gone from hissing at Clyde & Cutey to mostly ignoring them, though she’ll touch noses with Clyde if he gets insistent.

Oh that Benjamin, I could just squoosh him all day long.

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Honey does a little skittering and floofing.

Oh dear, we very nearly missed out on #Toesday! In the top row, left to right, we have Bugs and Cutey. On the bottom, left to right, we have Honey and Benjamin. (Perhaps we’ll get a decent shot of Clyde and Lola’s toes before next week.)

Bunny was feeling playful and got a little grabby with Cutey, who was like “MA’AM, please mind your PAWS.”

Cutey entertains (naps with) a gentleman caller (Benjamin). Good night innernets!

Lola’s all “This is MY Mama, lady.”

“Watchin’ you, lady.” (Bugs)

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Clyde has had his mid-day bottle, and now he considers a nap.

Yes, you do indeed see Clyde all snuggled up to Honey and the milk bar. I didn’t see any nursing, but I suspect it’s only a matter of time. (I can’t swear that Bunny realizes he’s there, but she very well might.)

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Honey will have none of this BOOPing nonsense.

“Where’s my bottle, lady? Yes, I KNOW I said I didn’t want the bottle 10 minutes ago, but I’ve reflected upon my opinion and have decided I was wrong. So let’s get a bottle in here PRONTO.” (Cutey)

Good night innernets. (Benjamin)

Bunny is a big, big fan of that track toy. (Clyde is a big, big fan of Bunny.)

It’s a rough life, Bugs.

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It’s a Bugs in a basket, is what it is. (With Honey and Benjamin watching him.)

No more crate for these two – they’re out in the room all the time now. Freeeeedom! (Clyde” & Cutey*)

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Everyone but Lola is sleepin’. She’s keeping watch over everyone.

Bunny was playing with the track toy, and Cutey* was all “What on EARTH is going on over there?!”⁠

(The * after Cutey’s name denotes that she’s one of the two add-ins, not actually one of Bunny’s kittens. People are having a hard time remembering!)

Good night innernets. (Lola and Clyde*)

Clyde* is looking very Wilford Brimley-esque this morning.⁠

“Watching you, lady. Watching. YOU.” (Cutey*)⁠

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Clyde*’s nursing in his sleep. ⁠

“Excuse you, lady, this is an exclusive tiny tortie meeting and YOU was not invited.” Cutey* and Honey have tortie-tude.⁠

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Just, y’know. Scampering about!

“Has my (misspelled) name on it, belongs to me, yes?” You are correct, Cutey*. (Bugs in the back, Benjamin off to the right.)⁠

Good night, innernets. (Clyde*)⁠

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When I tossed that toy, I expected Honey to get floofy. I didn’t intend to scare her – but I can’t say that I regret it, either.

YouTube link
Lola playing – and feeling a bit skittery!

Yep, that’s all six kittens with Bunny (I still haven’t seen Clyde* or Cutey* attempt to nurse, but they climb all over Bunny and play with the other kittens all the time. I’d say a week in, they’re pretty integrated!)

Lola feelin’ floofy.

Lola and Cutey* have a snuggle.

Bugs and Benjamin have a tussle, while Clyde* referees.

Good night innernets. (Cutey* & Bugs)


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  1. How do you and the shelter manage the flea situation? I know that you do r igouous cleaning between litters. Is that enough??

    • I use topical flea/tick treatment (usually Revolution) on adults and Advantage on kittens (until they’re old enough for Revolution), and treat all cats – permanent residents and fosters – monthly. I’ve been extremely lucky to have never had a bad flea infestation.