5-28-20 Thursday

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Look! It’s former fosters Amber (formerly Ambercup, 2015) and Phoenix (2017)!

In these days of getting stuff delivered… I put the contents of the box away, and came back to Amber and Phoenix.

Phoenix’s face is cracking me up – she looks like she’s compelled to be in the box, but she’s not sure WHY.


Now that the Forgotten Felines May auction is over, everyone’s received their boxes of goodies, and check out these adorable pictures of Kate’s cats enjoying themselves.

Gracie: Hey. I want that.
Jitterbug: Nope.

Who the heck are you? I’m the loony in this household.

Gracie makes her move.

Gracie is also so very high.

Those catnip pouches are always SO popular. (If you haven’t won an item in an Auction yet, we send a catnip pouch as a thank you with each package.) (That first picture, with the Jake doll lurking in the background is very much like the real Jake, who loves to lurk!)

Thanks, Kate!

And just a note, if you missed the May auction – we’ll be having a smaller auction in August (which will include Halloween-themed stuff!) and the usual BIG auction in November, so you won’t want to miss out. You can “like” and follow the page here.


Honey was sound asleep but woke up to glare at me when I approached to take her picture.

That’s a pile o’ cute right there.

Clyde with attitude.

Oh that Benjamin, he’s such an adorable little poser.

Bunny referees the tussling.

Clyde’s all “Hey, this is a pretty cool scratcher!”

Lola and Bugs at the milk bar. But suddenly…

Along came Clyde. Bunny’s face is killing me. “YEAH, I know he’s back there.”

Bugs would like you to know that Clyde’s floofy butt makes an excellent pillow.

Bunny is no longer hissing at Clyde and Cutey now. And Clyde spends plenty of time on and around Bunny – I have not seen him nursing or even attempting to, but I will say that SUDDENLY he and Cutey are much less interested in the bottle. This could be because they’ve both eating solid food now, but it’s entirely possible there’s been some nursing that I just haven’t seen.

Clyde is much more interested in being friends with Bunny than Cutey is – Cutey and Bunny mostly ignore each other (not in an “I HATE YOU” way, just in a “I’ve got better things to worry about” way), but Clyde is forever climbing on Bunny, smacking at her tail, telling her three-hour stories about the latest episode of Blue’s Clues. When she was hissing at him back in the beginning, he’d approach her, she’d hiss. He’d come closer, she’d growl. He’d smile and shrug and toddle off. He is the most cheerful little guy, I swear, and doesn’t take anything personally.

Bunny’s kittens are finally starting to get the hang of eating canned food off a plate – Honey, in fact, will belly up to the plate right beside Bunny now; the others still need to have the plate of food pointed out to them.

(I know that the Fluffles STILL do not have their pictures in the sidebar or their own page. It’s my goal to get that done this weekend!)


Rainy day napping with Archie.


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5-28-20 Thursday — 7 Comments

  1. Ambercup! The first thing I thought of was the “Nobody knows” picture but when I refreshed to get it as the banner I realized she was the one being bottlefed. That pic is the best! Any ways, she looks awesome! Was she the runt of the litter?

    I’m happy Clyde’s persistence is being rewarded.

  2. Ambercup and Phoenix! I wish I knew how Stardust was doing, I never see her in these photos and I hope she’s okay after her rough first foster family.

  3. I know his markings are different, but every time I see Clyde, I think of Spanky.