5-28-18 Monday

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Happy 10 week birthday to Kristi’s kittens! Here she is in a rare picture with just her kittens. (That’s Tessa in the middle, she looks darker than she is in this picture.)

A fairly decent shot of all 8 kittens.

And this would have been a good one except for Picabo doing the ol’ “Don’t look, Ethel!” to Ohno.

Would you care for a cuppa Oksana? Goes down smooth with a fuzzy aftertaste.

She is such a pretty girl!

Also pretty: her brother Torvill. I love that boy.

Picabo’s eyes match that kitten tree perfectly.

Tessa’s eyes are turning greener.

Debi loves that dog-fur toy an awful lot.

Scott showing his teef whilst tussling with Picabo.

And Debi shows off her teef while she’s saying “Get him OFF me!”

Brian Boitano wonders if anyone’s heard anything about anycat having any extra toes.

That FACE. Ohno’s all “Well I guess I’m TRAPPED.”


I think Maxi needs a good dusting. She’s been rolling around in the dirt again.


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5-28-18 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. “Don’t look Ethel!” *snort* That never gets old for me! 😀

    I hope you, Fred and all the kitties have a good Memorial Day! If Alberto is drenching you, too, at least it makes for good snuggling with the Perms.

  2. Ooh, I didn’t expect a post today, this is a nice surprise!

    The “trapped” picture is priceless!!

    • The kittens have been shredding the one in the foster room, too. Good thing I have a bazillion of them! 🙂