5-27-20 Wednesday

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Lola wonders if this is going to be an ongoing thing. (Yes, Lola, it sure is.)

Bugs is smug about how darn cute he is.

Honey is deep in thought.

Benjamin wonders how he’s ever going to learn to spell his name.

Clyde doesn’t care about those blocks, he wants his bottle, dangit.

Cutey can’t believe how big her noggin is.

Honey loves to roll around under that scratcher/tree.

Lola’s a poser.

Bunny in a basket.

Benjamin has velvety-soft fur and I can’t stop petting him.

Bunny was twitching her tail back and forth, just teasing Cutey to come get it.

Keeping an eye on Clyde.

Clyde visiting with Bunny and telling her some long, rambling story that’s putting her to sleep.


Alice Mo the calico wonders what on earth is up with this rain, yo.

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5-27-20 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. Robin I just do not know how you keep living with all this furry cuteness. They are such lucky kitties to start to grow with you.

  2. I’m guessing Bunny is still riding the Nope Train when it comes to Clyde and Cutie?

    (Why, Bunny, why? Look at how cute they are!)

  3. Robyn, YOMANK:

    “Clyde visiting with Bunny and telling her some long, rambling story that’s putting her to sleep.”

    • Anyone who has spent time with a three-year-old telling a story totally gets Bunny’s vibe.