5-27-19 Monday

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Almanzo loves his Pa.

Willie keeps his Pa clean.

Can’t forget his ears!

Albert thinks Pa makes a fine pillow.

Pa’s like a big ol’ body pillow for those kittens.

Willie and Laura look guilty. “We was just waitin’ for more laundry! Honest!”

“You got laundry, lady? I can fold it!” Mary’s the best laundry helper ever.

Paws up, y’all.

Albert needs a kiss.

Almanzo again, melting out of the shark bed.

He is such a little flirt.


Frankie’s waiting for winter. He’s got a long wait.


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5-27-19 Monday — 4 Comments

  1. How could those babies possibly NOT love their Pa?!! I mean, look at him! He’s an awesome Pa, and has taught them well.

    Frankie is just so handsome…

  2. The pics of this litter (family pics) are so unique. Kittens hanging all over their mothers are not unusual, but to see them loving up on their father!! And it is good to see Charles helping with the loving duties.

  3. Any interest in ‘Ma and Pa’ yet? I always thought they would be the first to be adopted. If I didn’t live in CA I would’ve already adopted them. I can’t stand the thought of them going off to PetSmart!!