5-28-19 Tuesday

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I have a bird bath attached the railing on our front porch, and I tend not to be particularly vigilant about keeping it filled – though I should be, with the heat we’ve had here recently – and when the bird bath gets dry or close to dry, this squirrel comes along and does this.

“Soooo thirsty, lady.”

S/he runs off when I open the door, but as soon as I refill the bird bath and come back inside, s/he gets a good, long drink and then goes wherever squirrels go.


Judge-y little faces.

Caroline loves that scratcher.

A Ma can’t roll around and expose the milk bar without someone taking advantage.

I love that her tail is a blur in this picture. She was whipping it back and forth pretty hard as she told Charles how it is.

“This bed is comfy, lady, and perfect for kitten royalty like me.” (Albert)

Mary’s keeping an eye on me.

Laura came over to see what Pa was doing, and then Ma crept up behind her and started giving her a bath.

Okay, so here’s a quick guide to which kittens are adoption pending, for those who missed the news.

Albert and Willie are going together.

And Laura and Mary are going together.

“Allllll byyyyyy myyyyyseeeeeeeeelfffff….” And Almanzo is still available. In case you were wondering and needed the sweetest little kitten ever for your own home. (You can email info (at) ffhsv.org to get the ball rolling on that.)

They’re off to be spayed and neutered tomorrow!


Khal Drogo continuing to be magnificent.


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5-28-19 Tuesday — 5 Comments

  1. Obviously, you MUST keep that bird bath full at all times. I am sure a few ice cubes would be appreciated too. Especially if you guys are as hot as it is here in FL. (We are about to spontaneously combust.)

  2. Oh, geez. Almanzo. Caroline and Charles. Thank god y’all live too far away for me to swoop them all up!

  3. Spayed and tutored already!!! Time is flying…

    I’m happy that 4 of the 5 kittens have been adopted, and I just can’t imagine it being that much longer before Charles and Caroline and baby Almanzo are snapped up.

  4. s/he gets a good, long drink and then goes squirrelly.

    Fixed that for you! 😀 I’ve seen squirrels do that around here too, even when hydrated. Of course, that would be in MUCH WARMER weather than we have been having!

  5. I believe the phrase you were searching for is “She was whipping it back and forth real good.” (I know you know every single word of the song, Robyn!)

    And good luck with tomorrow’s tutoring, kiddos.