4-21-22 Thursday

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Hollyhock’s all “They wanna nap, and I wanna play!”

“Or maybe I’ll just sit here in the sun and look adorable.”

Bramble gives his foot the ol’ snifferoo.

I don’t know what Clover was watching, but it looks pretty intense! (Probably Kudzu and Mondo wrasslin’.)

Bramble sneaking up on Hollyhock.

Ooh, Hollyhock pie. My favorite!

Kudzu’s feelin’ casual.

We have Mondo on the left, eating, Kudzu atop the Fruittasan, and Clover with a VERY serious face inside the Fruittasan.

Mimosa’s all “Rrowr. I’m a scary lion.”

Mondo’s innocent little face kills me. “What? This pillow is comfy!”


Oh, that Jake. He is one good-looking boy!


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We are SEVEN weeks old today! Time is flying by, isn’t it? (If you’re interested, you can see their weight chart here)

When I took this picture, I had no idea Bramble was photobombing from the other side of the scratcher, and it’s cracking me up.

YouTube link
Kudzu really likes that spring toy. And the mylar ball. Kudzu likes most toys, really. He’s a playful boy!

Hollyhock finds this bed comfy and conveniently located for the times when she wants to fling herself from the couch to the floor.

YouTube link
Hollyhock atop the big cat tree… and (permanent resident) Uncle Charlie stomping around the back yard keeping an eye on things.

Kudzu makes an excellent pillow.⁠

Good night innernets! (Kudzu COULD cram himself into the top of the cat tree if he wanted to, I’m sure… he just doesn’t want to!)


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4-21-22 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. Fabulous photos of the Sprout Team and their coach! Love when you include your permanent furry babies as well.! Robyn, you and your husband are amazing . Thanks for the updates every morning and the ”Goodnight Internets” photos every night.

  2. Those spring toys are great value; inexpensive, rarely break, fun for all ages; my 2 year old boy loved them from kitten hood and still loves them, ditto for his best pal next door, aged 1 year.
    I think this is my favourite litter since The Bookworms.