4-22-22 Friday

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You talk about Clover’s graceful moves and being surprised kittens survive to adulthood. I have a cat who’s about three years old; she’s walked into the stove, twice. She thinks she can jump up on things, and misses a lot, and falls off of things.

It’s the stove that got me. Even if she has bad eyesight, stoves are large and don’t move.

I was going to tell the story about how Charlie ran face-first into the fence the other day, but in his defense there was a bird on the other side, so he wasn’t paying attention to the fence. I really am seriously amazed sometimes that these cats make it to adulthood – they’re supposed to wow us with their grace, not their klutzy moves! (I thought I was the one responsible for the klutzy moves in this house.)


It’s not Thlurrrpsday, but ask Mondo if he cares. (He does not.)

Kudzu the little poser.

Hollyhock’s tiny but mighty.

Mondo sitting in the basket, licking it. Because of course.

Hollyhock in the pop-up tent, from above.

I could not find Kudzu anywhere yesterday morning, searched all the cabinets, the closets, all the little spaces he could have been, and finally I spotted a lump on the couch. He’d climbed up under the blanket and fell asleep, and when I lifted the blanket for this picture, he was all “Tryin’ to sleep here, lady.”

We have met the Churu, and most of us are fans.

Mondo, Kudzu and Bramble were all “Got any more?”, while Mimosa gave Bramble a quick lick.

Kudzu’s all “Keep it coming!”

(Hollyhock didn’t want to wake from her nap for Churu.)

Clover is the only kitten who is uninterested in the Churu completely. He might change his mind… or he might just be one of the few who are anti-Churu! Clover definitely marches to the beat of his own drum.


Alice Mo the calico sure does love that sunshine, yo.

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Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

The kittens have taken over Mimosa’s cat tree! (She doesn’t mind – there’s a scratcher next to the tree where she can sit if she wants to.)⁠

(Bramble’s right eye is a bit goopy. He’s acting fine and playing and eating well, so we’re treating the eye with ointment and keeping an eye on him.)

In 2013, we fostered Kate and her 5 kittens, the Royals. On the top left, is what her kitten Charming looked like 9 years ago, and on the right is Jareth. They were adopted together – Charming is now Toby and Jareth is now Sooty, and here they are today! Toby is one magnificent boy, isn’t he? And clearly Sooty (aka Black Velvet because his fur is so plush) caught some of Uncle Jake’s loons! Beautiful boys. ❤️⁠ (Thanks, K!)

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Throw Back Thursday: 2018, we fostered 9 kittens named after Maine towns. Little gray and white tuxie Eliot had her very own way of chasing that track toy ball. (Eliot is now Ellie; she was adopted with tortie girl Arundel (now Arwen) and can be seen on Facebook here)

Throw Back Thursday: From 2015. Skinny Pete was a bottle baby we were fostering along with her brothers Combo and Badger (we originally thought Skinny Pete was a boy, but kept the name when we realized we were wrong). I would put rice in a sock and warm it in the microwave, and Skinny Pete LOVED that rice sock so very much. (They also had a plug-in heated pad to keep warm, but Skinny Pete preferred the rice sock.)

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I think the Sprouts are having more fun with the Fruittasan than any kittens ever. They love that thing!

Throw Back Thursday: 2015. A bouquet of kittens! Left to right: Combo, Badger and Skinny Pete. CUTIES.

Throw Back Thursday: from last year! Canasta’s daughter Rummy met Uncle Charlie, and she put on her floof suit for the occasion.

Good night innernets. (Kudzu)


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  1. That pic of Kudzu under the blanket…the round peace sign above him almost looks like a halo!

    As for Charming/Toby, WOW! He’s a real looker! He gives Khal a run for his money with those beautiful white tuxie patches and whiskers. Such a sophisticate.

  2. You can only be as magnificent as Toby if you’re being pampered and spoiled. Same thing with looniness.

    Obviously Toby and Sooty are pampered and spoiled and I love it. Thank you K!

  3. Unsolicited advice for the mama of the three-year old who misses jumps and falls. (Please forgive me if this isn’t appropriate). I have a now-4 year old who developed neurological issues as a result of a persistent inner ear infection at age 3, that remains ongoing. Your baby’s vet may wish to know of her clumsiness, just in case it is a medical issue. The symptoms sound similar.

  4. Holy smokes is Toby gorgeous, and Sooty is a house panther, which means he is <3. Beautiful cats, both of them.