4-14-21 Wednesday

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Slapjack the lap kitten.

It totally looks like the scratcher behind him is growing out the top of his head.

Yes that scratcher, Fizzbin.

Can I interest you in a cuppa Pinochle?

Nap time for Fizzbin!

5 out of 6 kittens agree: best bed ever! (The 6th kitten also agrees, but she was off harassing Mama.)

“Shhh, lady, he’s sleepin’.”


A closeup of Slapjack’s pretty eyes.

Canasta’s keeping an eye on the back yard (I love her reflection in the window.)

So despite all my hoping and praying and hoping some more, Canasta went into heat on Monday. And this girl, who has the loudest, most piercing voice ever has a REALLY REALLY LOUD voice when she’s in heat. So Michelle took pity on me and scheduled Canasta to be spayed today (rather than waiting until the spay/neuter day which is scheduled for the week after next.)

Let us take a moment to reflect that Mother Nature is awesome and amazing and also terrible. If Canasta were to get pregnant right now, with her kittens 6 1/2 weeks old, she’d be having another litter in 9-10 weeks. Fortunately for Canasta, that’s not going to happen, and it’s not going to happen for her daughters.

So I’m dropping Canasta off at the vet this morning. She’ll spend the night, and will be back here tomorrow to rejoin her kittens. NO MORE KITTENS FOR CANASTA! (She will continue producing milk until either she weans them or they’re separated from her.)

PS: In a neat coincidence, the kittens are 47 days old today – which is the same number of days we had Canasta before she had her kittens!


Archie’s pretending I’m not all up in his space taking his picture. Isn’t he PRETTY?


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4-14-21 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve only heard a female cat in heat from afar, and I can only imagine how loud that must have been!

    Archie is so handsome *sigh*…

  2. Having been through a screaming “in Heat” kitten, you are lucky for a reprieve. My vet wouldn’t spay until she wasn’t in heat (20 yers ago).. Poor you !

    Love the cactus scratcher!

  3. How many of these kittens have taillights? And in your experience with other kittens, do those stay into adulthood? They’re so cute – I’ve never had a cat with a white tip on its tail like that!