4-13-21 Tuesday

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I love this shot of Fizzbin. So much attitude, that girl.

In the window, their (current) favorite place to snooze!

“Is soft and comfy and pretty, lady. You gots a problem with that?”

That bed is good for wrestling too, apparently.

Here comes Uno.

“Watchin’ you, lady.”

Slapjack looks offended. “We tryin’ to sleep, lady. You go ‘way.”

Rummy’s got some deep thoughts going on.

I love how Canasta and Fizzbin each have one ear carefully folded back.


Alice is keeping an eye out for chipmunks. (We’ve had two chipmunks brought into the house in the past two days. That’s a definite sign of spring, and as it turns out Alice is a pretty good chipmunk hunter. She is not, however, a good chipmunk killer. Fortunately, Fred and I are pretty good at trapping and releasing (in the front yard) chipmunks.)

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4-13-21 Tuesday — 5 Comments

  1. Oh boy, if my cats delivered any chipmunks to me, they would be relocated a LOT further than the front yard.

  2. Oh those little faces… I love the shots of them in the big, round puffy bed. So spoiled!

  3. Alice Mo the Calico is a mighty hunter, yo!

    Ya know, when I put those puffy beds on auction, I always say they’ll hold a large cat, two smaller cats or untold amounts of kittens. And here’s the proof! I’m counting at least four with room for more if they got real cozy? Love it!