5-8-18 Tuesday

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I will be switching hosts this weekend. If you come here Monday and everything is broken, be patient because I’ll be frantically working on it. On the other hand, if everything looks the same but there’s no new post, clear your cache. Fingers crossed that this goes well!


Look at THIS sweet, happy little face!

That, of course, is Stardust. Debra reports: She is much more of a lap kitten/people kitten than Amber or Phoenix, who have a tendency to not want to sit still unless they are sleepy. Stardust doesn’t get into nearly as much trouble, either. She really is a love bug!

I think Stardust knows exactly how good she’s got it now!

(Thanks Debra!)


Debi is turning into QUITE the little lovebug with a big ol’ instant-on purr as soon as I start petting her.

“How YOU doin’?”

Bros. Brian Boitano (left) and Scott really like snuggling up with Torvill.

This doesn’t seem at all precarious and unsafe, ladies. (Ohno, Debi and Oksana)

“My donut. MINE.”

It’s a Brian Boitano-Tessa pie!

And now it’s just a Tessa pie.


“WAZZUUUUUUP!” (Torvill)

Brian Boitano, the little charmer.

Ohno gets a belly rub.

Oksana gets a snuggle, and is clearly quite pleased about it.


Video! Ohno dons her crazypants. She loves to rear up on her back legs, and it cracks me UP.

YouTube link


Dewey on the deck, having an annoyance about the fact that Archie’s so close.


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