5-25-18 Friday

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I can see your need for blocking that opening [at the top of the stairs], but what do you do when you want to use the stairwell? I think a screen should work well, and, because there is no good way for a conventional door, I think a retractable screen door could work great in that opening. That way the door could pretty much disappear when you have no foster kittens.

We have a second stairwell at the other end of the house (through Fred’s office) that we use. Actually, we use that stairwell most of the time anyway. When the kittens aren’t out running around, I stick the cardboard behind the guest bedroom door.


Have both Katia and Kristi had their ears tipped after their surgeries?

Yes, both mamas have had their ears tipped, since we don’t know where they’ll eventually end up.


If Katia and Kristi don’t get adopted out of your foster room, will they have to go to cages at Petsmart? That doesn’t seem like something they’d like… I hope they find a good home together without going to Petsmart!

Teresa said: Speaking as a volunteer from Petsmart, oh HECK no!! But I also know that is not feasible especially for Katia, and not part of the plan.

There is no way on earth that Katia could go to Petsmart and I think that Kristi (who doesn’t like being contained, so lifting her to put her into a cage, for example, would be iffy) wouldn’t do very well. I don’t know what the eventual plan is (and I honestly haven’t asked), but to be honest I’d rather see them both returned to their colony than split up. I keep hoping someone will see them and want to adopt them, but I know that that’s a tall order, especially in the thick of kitten season.


Has Debi lost the “fever-coat” sheen she had when she was a baby?

She has! She no longer looks frosted. Here’s a picture of her from when she was just under a month old (left) and now that she’s nearly 10 weeks old. Her little white goatee has gone, she doesn’t have that super-frosted look, though she still has a sprinkling of white fur. She’s got some pretty neat stripes, too.


Okay, I finally got pictures of Brian Boitano’s thousands of toes. I had to distract him with a toy.

This is his front right paw:

And this is where we get philosophical. How exactly DO we count the number of toes on that paw? Because there are 6 digits on the foot – the four at the top, then the thumb over on the right, and the toe between the thumb and the other four. But then there’s that pad below his thumb that doesn’t appear to belong to any toes, it’s just kind of sitting there. I can tell you that there are 6 distinct toes that I can feel, and 6 claws, one with each toe, and then that random pad. The Pad of Randomness, which appears to be fairly useless but adorable.

A bad picture of his front left paw. There are again 6 distinct digits with claws, but the digit between his thumb and the other four toes doesn’t appear to have its own pad, unless that little one below his thumb goes with the extra toe?

Another bad picture, this one of his back right paw. That extra toe is very thumb-y looking, isn’t it?

And his back left paw. Another thumb-y looking extra toe, another random extra pad.

“Holy cow, where’d all those toes come from?!”


If you look at my reflection in the window, you can see that I’m wildly waving a packing strap around, trying to get Torvill to look at me. A little glimpse behind the magic here at Love & Hisses.

“He’s behind me, isn’t he? He’s going to start talking about his toes, isn’t he?”

“ISN’T. HE.”

A Brian Boitano-topped donut for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do!

Picabo from above. She is just the sweetest little nutball.

Torvill from above, waiting his turn on the donut.

I have to say, that Fancy Sofa is a particular hit with these kittens. Here’s Debi, snoozing.

“Hey! You takin’ another picture of me?”


The kittens got a new tree (here’s an Amazon link). And they love it! (Tessa)

They climb up into it and bat at the toys. (Ohno)

And they crack me UP. (Oksana)

I made a video of them climbing up into it when I first brought it into the room. Some toys take a little while for the kittens to warm up to, but not this one!

YouTube link


Newt, sound asleep in his favorite spot.


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