5-24-18 Thursday

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Katia and Brian Boitano.

Brian Boitano and Oksana and Picabo’s feet. It’s a lazy day.

Brian Boitano loves his big sister. She thinks he’s pretty cool, too.

Oksana sleeping, in a different location. Did I mention it’s a lazy day?

Torvill is such a pretty boy. Pictures don’t do him justice.

Scott and Picabo in the pie plate.

Don’t they look super innocent? Like they weren’t just smacking and biting at each other?

You shouldn’t feel sorry for Kristi and Katia. They’ve got two different spots where they could get away from the kittens if they want to (and occasionally they do want to), so this can’t be bothering them too much.

Kristi really likes hanging out atop this box.

Eating and acting as milk bar. She’s a multi-tasker!

Scott sure does love that milk bar.


Khal with attitude.


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