5-22-18 Tuesday

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That box is both bed and breakfast, it appears.

“GIMME that camera, I gots to take a selfie!” (Debi)

She caught it! (Tessa)

Ohno shows off her teef. (And I love that the loop on the back of my phone looks like it says “loony.”)

After much discussion, this is how we’re blocking off the front stairwell so that the kittens can have more room to run around. Fred bought two pieces of heavy cardboard and glued them together (to make them taller), and they’re held in place by buckets full of litter. It ain’t pretty, but it’s simple and effective. The door at the end of the hall leads to Fred’s office. His room is to the right (you can’t really see it in this picture), and I’m keeping that door closed for now. The kittens have my room and bathroom, the guest bedroom, the hall bathroom, and a long hallway to race around. As they get more comfortable, I’ll open his bedroom door so they can explore there, too.

That door to the left is a closet, and the door to the right is to the foster room. It’d be ideal to be able to open the foster room door and leave it open, but I suspect that Katia could get over that cardboard if she really wanted to, and I’m not confident that we could get both mamas back into the foster room without a whole lot of drama, so I open the door every 10 or 15 minutes and whichever kittens want in or out of the foster room can do so.

You’d think, given how DESPERATELY they’ve wanted out of the foster room, that they’d all flood out and demand to stay out, but no. Usually about half of them come flying out (usually Brian Boitano, Ohno and Torvill among them) and the rest stay in with Kristi and Katia. Then I open the door and they switch places. Then someone howls forlornly because they want in/out. I’m spending a lot of time running up and down the stairs, is what I’m saying. (Yes, you’d think I’d just stay up there and watch the little goobers race around, but sometimes I’ve got stuff to get done, and those brats don’t want me snatching them up and kissing them because they have places to GO if y’don’t mind.)

Brian Boitano the snugglebug.

“I blame you, lady.”

The basket is still tiny, but the Torvill? Not so much.

He looks smaller in the donut bed.

“No seriously, lady. I blame YOU. These two aren’t even MINE.”

She fits pretty nicely in that box!


Video! Introducing the kittens to the feather teaser.

YouTube link


Oh Dewey, come on. You can’t use that wheelbarrow. You’re not tall enough!


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