5-29-18 Tuesday

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Scott looks comfy, doesn’t he?


Debi would like a belly rub, if y’don’t mind.

It’s a Debi-Tessa-Ohno-Picabo pie. My favorite!

Ohno’s got a case of the It’s-Tuesday-But-It-Feels-Like-A-Double-Monday Blues.

Brian Boitano selfie.

A bit of the teenage meezer attitude.

He’s so casual about those toes, isn’t he?

I got out Lamby-Pie, and Ohno wasn’t quite sure what to think about it.

“She’s behind me, isn’t she?”

I couldn’t figure out where Ohno, Picabo, Debi and Scott had gone, and finally discovered them hanging out on this little cat tree in the guest bedroom, all “What?”


Sheriff Mama (Kara) does her daily yoga to keep limber and centered.


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