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In case you missed it in Thursday’s comments, Kristyn gave us a Stompers update. Shockingly (NOT), that little monkey is doing really well:

Stompers is great! He has been very busy growing so he sleeps tons. I joke that he is just like my sons. He wants to play nonstop, then wants sleepy snuggles, then falls into a truly unwakeable sleep. Just to start the whole thing over again. We took him in for a vet visit just to get him set up with our vet. He got a completely clean bill of health and charmed everyone there. He’s even slowly warming up his new sister, Wisp. Little man knows how to get in good with everyone around!

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There were no adoptions of any of my fosters, including Razzie, over the weekend. Kathie reported that they put Razzie in with Kohle, and the kittens were playing with each other, leaping off the top of the litter box onto each other, wrestling, and biting each other on the butt. Which doesn’t sound like Razzie at ALL, she’s such a quiet, subdued little lady, right? I’m glad she’s got another active kitten to keep her company.

Razzie was on the news Friday, being her usual adorable self.

(Link to the video is no longer valid, sorry!)

Mustang, the other kitten on the news with Razzie, was adopted Saturday.

I imagine that with Labor Day coming up in a week, adoptions may be slow this week. Of course I’ll let you know if anyone’s adopted.

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Polly on the little cat tree (before we moved the Pickles to the guest bedroom downstairs.)

Is she not the sweetest, fuzziest, most kissable girl EVER?

Check out that spotted belly. Simply divine.

Joe and Tony Rocky Horror Pickle are buddies. They’re very often either curled up together sleeping, or play-fighting.





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We had a brief time over the weekend where I was a bit concerned, because Thistle wasn’t interested in eating. Despite her refusal to eat – and fighting me tooth and claw when I tried to get some Nutri-Cal into her – she did not stop playing for one instant. She clearly felt fine – maybe she was on a diet. Or maybe it was the food I was offering. I changed that up, and as of yesterday she was eating again, though maybe not as much as I’d like her to be eating.

These girls are by far the least food-interested kittens I’ve ever had. Usually by the time I’ve had kittens for almost a week, when I walk into the foster room and then into the closet (it’s a huge closet, and there’s a small dresser in there, atop which I prepare their snack), they follow me in and meow at me (though they’re not usually to the screaming-at-the-top-of-their-lungs stage yet). The Weeds, though, slowly follow me into the closet – maybe, if they’re not doing something more interesting – and smack at my toes (they are toes-obsessed), then when I walk back into the room and put their plates down, they’ll mosey over to see what I’m doing. Then I have to put each of them in front of a plate, and they sniff and sniff some more, think about it, and then finally start eating.

I guess they are polite little LADIES, rather than the screaming ruffians I’m accustomed to.

“This seems like an excellent place to sleep.”

Thistle loves to stick her paws through the holes of the giant Croc bed.

She’s a busy, busy girl.

Purslane is skeptical.

Fred says her markings make her look like she’s always worried about something.

Silly, fuzzy little Dandelion.

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You saw the Crooked Acres cover girls last week. Now it’s time for you to see each of the boys – and we’ve got a lot of boys ’round here!

Sweet old man Spanky in his box. There’s nothing that boy loves as much as a good box.


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