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I think Petey has a bit of the Loony Jake about him.

Joe’s the laid back guy of the bunch – when he’s not busy jumping on Tony Rocky Horror Pickle, that is.

It’s possible I’ve started referring to Tony Rocky Horror Pickle as “The Terrible Pickle.” I have no idea where I came up with that, but it makes me laugh every time I say it.

They each start out on their own plate…

..but it never lasts. Apparently what the other kittens have look SO much better.

Left to right, we have Tony Rocky Horror Pickle, Petey, Percy, Joe, and Polly.

They were having issues eating their snack off the chip & dip platters – the sections were too deep, I think – so I’ve been giving them their snacks on these plates. Last night I tried them with the chip & dip platters again, and it worked just fine. I guess they’ve grown in the past two weeks, huh?

The look on Tony Rocky Horror Pickle’s face is killing me. Don’t cry for him, Argentina – he starts all those fights he gets into, and then he is SO indignant when the other kitten gets the upper paw.

“Wahhhh! I’m da BAYBEE!”

The state of Tony Rocky Horror is that he is doing phenomenally well. He’s up over a pound now, and he’s looking more like a kitten and less like a weird little half-bat, half-rat creature. He’s playful, he loves snuggling up with (and beating up on) his siblings, he’s using the litter box faithfully, and last night? Perfect poop. He earned the Gold, Silver AND Bronze medals. From half-dead to the poopin’ champ of! the! world! in 10 short days! Now that, my friends, is a success story.

Polly likes that the toy sticking up out of the track toy matches her collar. So she kicked its butt.

Fightin’ Pickles.

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Miz Poo, trying very hard to pretend that she disapproves of kittens. This is a lot harder when there are actually no kittens running around the house at the moment!


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