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Oh Tony Rocky Horror Pickle, you make me want to kiss you.

Polly likes to walk around with water on her chin. It’s the newest fashion statement.


One of the many track toys.

Percy and Petey, fighting.

Petey turned his attentions to the bed hanging out of the giant Croc bed, giving us a glimpse of his spotted belleh.

Then he got serious about kicking that pink bed’s butt.

A shot of all five.

The potbelly slays me.

We had to put this track toy away because I was afraid he’d climb into it and then not be able to get out because of his belly.

That’s okay, he’ll play with this one instead.

Silly boy.

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On Monday, I said Don’t expect a new litter too soon – we’re taking a short break from having two litters at a time.

On Wednesday, I say…

Meet the Weeds!

Dandelion is a girl. Yes, she’s got two blue eyes. No, I don’t know if they’ll change or not. And no, she doesn’t appear to be deaf.

Thistle is a girl. Her eyes look terrible because she’s got an eye infection; she’s getting medicated drops for that. It doesn’t slow her down one tiny bit.

Purslane is a girl also. Please note the end of her tail. Wait, here’s another look:

It’s orange-tipped. Is that adorable, or what?

That’s right, they’re all girls. Fred named them (I think the names are cute, even though I was pushing for a Charlie’s Angel theme). They’re about five weeks old, they were dumped in Huntsville with their mother (who has been taken by another local organization – she’s solid white and has one blue eye and one green). Their ears were terribly filthy and they’re all getting ointment in their eyes.

They’re sweet and friendly; every time I walk into the room, their eyes pop open with an almost audible *plink!*, and they run over to greet me. When they’re over their eye goop and a bit bigger, I expect they’re going to be absolute knockouts.

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In yesterday’s comments, Kerry said: After Stinkerbelle’s cheesecake pose and Miz Poo’s today, I’m wondering if it’s Cover Girl Week at Crooked Acres.

I hadn’t intended that, but hey – I don’t see why not!

Alice Mo
The calico
Sure does have purty eyes,


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