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“Oh. Muh. GAWSH. I think it’s snack time, guys!!!”

Caspian, Mr. Stripey and Dingwall Scotty sitting around looking in random directions.

“Brains. Braaaaaains.”

It makes Mr. Stripey nervous when I start whipping the feather teaser around in the air. He keeps an eye on it, and if it moves too quickly, he runs and hides.

Sungold, on the other hand, ain’t skeered o’ nothin’.

He does prefer the stick end to the feather end, though.

I love it when they carry toys around.

Brandywine looks like she’s making a joke and cracking herself up.

Last night, I opened the half-door at the end of the hallway to let the little ‘Maters out into the rest of the house. They did NOT know what to make of it, and spent the evening coming down the stairs, slowly walking around the area at the bottom of the stairs, floofing up at the other cats, and then running back upstairs. The only one who spent any real amount of time downstairs was Caspian. Even though Caspian has never (to my knowledge) been exposed to television, he hung out in the living room with us while we watched a show, and wasn’t scared or startled in the least.

Fred’s started calling Caspian “Whipper” (which was also Logie’s nickname) because he whips his tail back and forth when he greets us. I’m trying to get it on video but haven’t had any luck yet. He’s the cutest little thing.

It wasn’t too hard to get the kittens upstairs last night, because when I went upstairs Brandywine followed me, and the kittens followed her. It usually takes a few days before the light goes on over their heads and they realize “Hey – we don’t HAVE to follow her upstairs if we don’t want to!”, and then we have to go around the house and chase them down at bed time.

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Today, we focus on Fianna.

Fianna started out as the most scaredy-cat of the three siblings, but she’s come around nicely. She likes to be held and petted, preferably on her own terms. She’ll snooze with me on the couch, but instead of laying up against me or on me, she prefers to lay between my ankles. Sometimes she notices that my feet are misbehaving, which requires her to attack them, but she’s good about stopping when I ask her to.

Fianna has an eye for things that are misbehaving. See the pad in that bed up there? It was totally giving me attitude. She was all “You don’t be mouthy with the lady! She gives me snacks! I show you who the boss is!” Which she proceeded to do.

Fianna will give me a little attitude herself, but she gets over it quickly.

One of her favorite places to hang out: in the Room with a View. If I look all over the place and can’t find her, she’s usually hanging out in there watching me look for her. Brat.

“Am busy ripping paper! You go ‘way!”

Fianna is a paper addict. She loves to rip up paper. She prefers to tear the pages of magazines – especially People or Us – to shreds, but she’s okay with brown packing paper, too.

There’s a box filled with brown packing paper in the kitchen, and she loves to climb in, make a nest, and rip that stuff to shreds.

Like her sister (and brother, too), Fianna’s got really soft, silky fur. She loves to be petted, and she doesn’t mind a belly rub, especially if you let her gently bunny-kick you while you’re rubbing her belly.

She is a VERY playful girl. If she can get her sister or brother to play with her, she’s happy as can be (and she LOVES to pin them down and make them shriek), but she’s really good at playing by herself, too. There’s a Tee Tug toys I recently got – this one – that she will spend long stretches of time attacking, batting around, and carrying from one end of the house to the other.

She’s a skinny girl, and I thought she was never going to get over two pounds. She’s the reason that the three of them weren’t spayed and neutered earlier – she’d get juuuuust over two pounds, then slip back down to a tiny bit under, then back up, back down, etc. She’s solidly over two pounds now, of course, and has a good appetite. In fact, all the fosters in the house get a morning and evening snack of canned food. At the same time, Spanky gets his snack in the downstairs bathroom, which is across the hall from the guest bedroom (where Fianna, Agata and Kennebec get their snack). When they’re done with their snack and I let them out of the room, Fianna and Agata wait outside the bathroom until Spanky decides he’s done and I let him out. Then they RACE in to eat whatever crumbs he left behind.

She is a total sweetheart, and I know that when it’s time for these three to go to Petsmart, someone’s going to take one look at her pretty face and fall in love!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jake likes to give me attitude.


Jake isn’t sure what to think of all these fosters running around the house. The Taters think he’s the bee’s knees, and yesterday Kennebec walked over to rub against Jake. Jake, in turn, rubbed against Kennebec, and they ended up just kind of turning in circles, rubbing against each other. It was absolutely adorable.


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