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Would you guys do me a quick favor? Could you go to this entry (it’s from 2005) and if you cannot see the pictures in that post, would you let me know?

Flickr has changed the way they’re doing things, and the pictures that I uploaded and used their “share” code from 2005 for have stopped showing up (they changed where they’re hosting the pictures, I think). I’m thinking that I’m going to self-host the pictures that you see here, and then link to the same picture at Flickr. In other words, you won’t (hopefully) notice that anything’s different, but if Flickr arbitrarily up and changes the way they have their pictures hosted/ coded in the future, at least you’ll see the pictures in my posts instead of the ugly “this picture cannot be viewed” box.

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2012-07-11 (1)
Stompers likes to pick fights with Kennebec.

2012-07-11 (2)
Kennebec was like “Seriously, you want to mess with me?”
And Stompers took a swipe at Kennebec.

2012-07-11 (3)
Kennebec said “No, really. This is the road you want to go down?” and gave Stompers his best Hard Look.

And Stompers said “Oh, I think I see something over THERE that requires my attention!”

2012-07-11 (4)

2012-07-11 (5)
Stompers and Kennebec, fighting through the “bars” of the basket condo.

2012-07-11 (6)
They really like that basket condo.

2012-07-11 (7)
Kennebec jumped up on top of the basket condo and said “WOW. Look at all the stuff floating through the air!”

2012-07-11 (8)
“Lots of dust and cat hair!”

“I wonder where it’s all coming from?”

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What Happened.
by Caspian

2012-07-11 (10)
“So, I was eating my snack, and there was some sort of commotion going on over by the door, and I heard the lady open the door and say ‘You coming in, Mouth?’, and then it was quiet, and I kept eating my snack. Wellington jumped on me and bit me on the butt, and I just ignored him, because if you respond to him, it just makes it worse.”

2012-07-11 (11)
“I was eating and eating, and I don’t know what everyone else was doing, I guess playing or whatever.”

2012-07-11 (12)
“And then I was thirsty, so I went across the room to get a drink, and I looked up, and there was Mr. Stripey, and he was sniffing at Sungold, and I was all ‘Whatevs.’ and got my drink. I was drinking and drinking, and then a tiny little voice in my head said ‘That wasn’t Sungold Stripey was sniffing. Sungold is big, but he’s not THAT big.’, so I looked, and saw that the little voice was right. That was NOT Sungold. It wasn’t Sungold at all!”

2012-07-11 (13)
“I put on my Stranger Danger floof, and I arched up and I gave the STRANGER a look so he’d know not to mess with me.”

2012-07-11 (14)
“I was like, ‘STRANGER, I will MESS YOU UP, do you see my ears? Because I am NOT kidding!'”

2012-07-11 (15)
“And Dingwall Scotty saw me with my floof on, and he floofed too, and he said ‘What?! Where?! Who?!'”

2012-07-11 (16)
“I said ‘Dingbat, there is a DANGEROUS STRANGER in this room, and you best keep your floof up, because we need to scare him badly!'”

2012-07-11 (17)
“That STRANGER kept moving around the room, sniffing stuff. MY cat tree, he was sniffing!”

2012-07-11 (18)
“And Wellington was all ‘Doopy-doo, I’m takin’ a bath!'”

2012-07-11 (19)
“Dingbat was all ‘I do not know what is happening’ and he put his floof away.”

2012-07-11 (20)
“I had to LEAD him over to where the STRANGER was sniffing around our plate, and I said ‘Dingbat! Sungold! That STRANGER is eating the crumbs off our plate, the crumbs we was saving for later!’ and then they put on their STRANGER DANGER suits, too.”

“I do not like STRANGERs. At ALL. I gave Dingwall Scotty a Hard Look to drive this thought home.”

2012-07-11 (22)
“So then I was telling my brothers that STRANGERs are BAD and should be STOPPED at all costs or they will EAT our food and SLEEP in our beds and PLAY with our toys!”

2012-07-11 (23)
“And then I felt sniffing around my nether regions, and I was like ‘He’s behind me, isn’t he?’, and my brothers were too scared to do anything but nod.”

“Which is when I lost my mind and yowled and screeched and the lady put down her camera and picked up the STRANGER and said ‘You gotta go, Mouth, sorry.’ and put him out of the room.”

2012-07-11 (24)
“Then STRANGER was out there on the other side of the door, all yelling ‘Let me in! Let me in!’, and you know? When I could only see his front legs, he wasn’t so skeery.”

“But that doesn’t mean he was allowed back in. Because this is OUR room! He doesn’t belong in here!”

(FYI, the STRANGER was Kennebec!)

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2012-07-11 (25)
Stinkerbelle on the cat tree in the front room, keeping an eye on her Tommy.


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