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Dropping the Taters off at Petsmart yesterday wasn’t fun – it never is! – and they all went into the litter box immediately to hide. But last night Kathie reported that she and Laurie fished them out of the litter boxes, and when she left, they were still out, playing, so that was good!

Here are the last of the Taters pics I took before they went.

Fianna sitting in her box o’ paper and doing some therapeutic shredding, with Miz Poo, who just HAPPENS to be nearby.

Jake came over and was all “Whatcha doin’, little girl?”

“Go ‘way, Jakey, I am performing a valuable service!”



Brandywine and Kennebec. He’s all “COME GIVE ME A HUG!”

Brandywine glaring at Kennebec, while Fianna climbs into her box o’ paper and Agata tries to stay out of the line of fire.

Kennebec’s face is cracking me up.

Brandywine returns to the box of paper and demands to know what Fianna’s doing.

“Um. Being skeered of YOU!” says Fianna.

And tips over the box in her haste to vacate the premises.

So then Brandywine turned the Paw o’ Doom on Agata.

Agata’s not sure what THAT was all about.

Agata, making sure her brother stays clean.

Kennebec, returning the favor.

It always goes from licking to biting.

While her sister and brother groomed each other and then fought, Fianna slept with her eyes open. Creepy.

Agata stomped away from her brother and took care of her own cleanliness.

Kennebec can clean his own self, thank you.

“You missed behind your ear, dummy.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A quick little video that I found on my Flip Video camera. I thought at first that this was Kennebec and Fianna playing, but upon closer look realized that it was Stompers and Fianna. He was the same size as she was, even though he was almost a month younger!

That’s Brandywine over by the door, watching them with not much interest.

YouTube link


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