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In case you missed it, I posted an entry over the weekend with the last of the Taters pics.

I actually stopped by Petsmart on Saturday to pick up Razzie and bring her home, but after talking to the shelter manager, decided to leave her there. There’s been some interest in her, and she came thisclose to being adopted on Saturday. The people came in wanting to meet both Razzie and Adele, and when they took Razzie out of her cage, she was a total wild child, bouncing all over the place. Adele was more sedate, so they decided to adopt her. Of course, Razzie has her snuggly moments, too, she just wasn’t feeling snuggly at the moment.

Like I said on Facebook, she marches to the beat of her own stump!

This just means her people haven’t come along yet. They will, I know they will, but I sure do wish they’d hurry up!

I got to visit with her for a few minutes (she was sleepy and just wanted back in her cage so she could curl up.) I also got to visit with the Taters. Those Taters, who were so scared when I left them Friday morning, were hanging out in their cage, not a care in the world. I let them out, and they came over to greet me, but weren’t clingy. They ran around for a few minutes, and were just as happy to go back into their cage.

None of my fosters were adopted over the weekend, but their time is coming, I can feel it!

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Today, we focus on Brandywine.

Sweet, sweet Brandywine. She is SUCH a good and patient mama.

Now that the kittens and Brandywine have the entire house to roam, she gets a little more time to herself. But when they catch sight of her, they instantly turn into starving, squalling little babies. I am not kidding you – Caspian followed her into the LITTER BOX and tried to nurse while she was using it the other day. I was so annoyed that I pulled him off her. She just looked at me like “You see? You see what I put up with?” Yesterday, however, she was trying to eat, and four of the five kittens were trying to nurse. She turned to walk away, and they started to follow her, and Fred said it was like a Three Stooges moment, where she smacked all four of them, pop-pop-pop-pop. Then she just LOOKED at them, and they decided it was in their best interest to find somewhere else to be.

She is a super playful girl and loves to play with her kittens, which of course they enjoy as well. If they’re sleeping or just aren’t in the mood to play, she’ll race from one end of the house to the other, and back again. Any object that moves is fair game to be batted around. And of course you’ve seen her bottle brush tail when she’s playing!

She is a really mild cat, not at all aggressive. She gets along just fine with the other adult cats in the house. I’ve seen her and Jake rubbing against each other. I’ve also seen her get too close to Kara, who reacted as she always does, by hissing and smacking. Brandywine backed right off. She seems to know which cats will put up with her being close to them (Jake, Tommy, Elwood) and which cats won’t (the rest of them!)

She is a total people-lover. She loves to rub up against my legs (especially when I’m in the kitchen!) when I’m standing still. If I lay down on the couch, she’ll jump up next to me to be petted. She likes to rub her face against mine (and against Fred’s), and she purrs and purrs. She adores being held flipped over on her back like a baby, and really enjoys a good belly rub.

She is an absolutely gorgeous girl, isn’t she? She’s really mild-mannered and sweet. The burns on her back are finally completely healed – they seemed to heal very very slowly, and then all of a sudden they were completely healed. The only really noticeable one is in the middle of her back. It’s a white scar now, with no scab. I don’t know whether fur will grow back there – I suspect not – but it’s really fairly small.

She’s beautiful and slinky and graceful-looking, but she’s such a silly, playful goofball. Loves to be petted and to snuggle, but not pushy about it. She is really the total package. I cannot imagine someone spending more than a few minutes with her and not falling immediately in love!

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Though we still refer to Newt as one of our “outside” cats (the others being Maxi and Rupert), he actually seems to spend more time inside than the inside cats do! He never snoozes in the same place twice. He seems to disappear and reappear in another spot in the house, and you never actually see him moving from one spot to the other.

He’ll go out into the back yard for short periods of time, but then he’s back inside.

He’s no dummy. He knows how to stay cool!


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