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Lora took two of the pictures in yesterday’s post, added some text, and made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Lora!

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Remember Gail, mama to Tyrion Micah, the kitten who may have dwarfism? (Read here and here to catch up.)

Well, I have current pictures of the little one, and isn’t he CUTE.

Gail pointed out that it looks like he’s got an arrow pointing toward his lower half. Is that the cutest belleh, or what?

And here he is with his sister, Raven (aka Princess Poutyface!), who likes to stalk him.


I wish you could get him to relax, Gail!!! What a cutie pie.

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The ‘Maters had the run of the house for a good part of yesterday, and WHEW. They are certainly a handful! At evening snack time (4 pm), I called them to their room, gave them their canned food, and then shut the door for an hour so that the rest of the cats (and the humans!) could have a bit of a break. They make the Taters look positively sedate! Caspian, especially, doesn’t know the meaning of silence. He wants to be HELD, he wants to be PETTED, he wants to make biscuits in the AIR, and he wants it NOW.

I’m afraid I might squoosh him ’til the marshmallow fluff comes out his ears.

Mr. Stripey on my bed with a golf ball. I find it best not to ask any questions.

Caspian loves a good ping pong ball.

Black cat, white tub, add ping pong ball and snap pictures!

Here comes Sungold to join in.

Silly mama.

Keeping an eye on the kids.

And a little time away from the kids.

I finally got some video of Brandywine and the kittens playing. One day I need to shut the half-door so that the kittens can’t get in, just so you can see the full extent of Brandywine’s playfulness!

YouTube link

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Today, we focus on Kennebec!

Kennebec is the largest of the three Taters (he weighed in at 4 pounds yesterday; Agata was three pounds, and Fianna two and a half), but he’s the biggest baby, too. I know I’ve posted pictures of him sucking on cat beds and blankets in the past. He doesn’t do it as much as he used to – he used to do it continuously, it seemed – but he still does it from time to time. Especially in the evenings, if I lay down on the couch to watch TV, he’ll climb up next to me and suck on the hem or neck of my shirt. He’s not obnoxious about it, and to be honest I think it’s awfully sweet, especially given how hard he purrs while he’s doing it and how happy it clearly makes him.

He has the cutest little chirp of a meow that I have been unable to catch on video. It’s like a questioning exclamation – Merp?! Merp?! Merp?! – and he only uses it when he wants to charm me into letting him suck on my shirt. It makes me want to squeeze him really hard, and luckily he doesn’t mind that.

He’s a playful boy and curious, and it doesn’t for one moment occur to him that someone might not want to play with him. Brandywine has hissed at him several times to warn him off (he hasn’t tried to nurse on her, but I think she’s had her fill of kittens and isn’t willing to take the chance that he might want to), but he keeps going back and trying to rub on her just because that’s the kind of sweet monkey he is.

He’s nervous in new situations (ie, going to the vet), but at home he’s calm and relaxed and loves to lay with his front legs stretched straight out in front of him.

He likes to be kissed and he likes to be held and petted. He does NOT like to be held like a baby (both of his sisters love that), and if you flip him over onto his back, he’s like “Unhand me immediately!”

Like his sisters, he has soft, silky fur that’s so nice to pet. He’s a cuddler sometimes, but most of the time he’s off stretched out on his own, sound asleep. He’s playful, and if you toss any toy across the room when he’s in the mood to play, he’s off like a shot. He particularly likes toy mice that rattle, and ping pong balls that he can play soccer with (he’s an excellent soccer player). He’s a great fly hunter, but his fly-catching skills need some work. I would love it if he were adopted with one of his sisters, but if he isn’t, he’ll make friends with any resident kitties soon enough.

Now that I’ve profiled Kennebec, Agata and Fianna, I get to tell y’all that it’s almost time to say goodbye to them. They’ll be going to Petsmart on Friday. Until Friday morning, they’ll have the run of the house 24/7 and I’ll spend as much time as possible snuggling them.

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Yesterday Jake, so today: Elwood!

He always has that grumpy look on his face, but he’s really the sweetest boy. When he’s really happy (and all you have to do to make him really happy is pet him a few times), he purrs so hard that he squeaks.


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