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In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a recall on Petco Stainless Steel bowls – go here to read more about it.

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From Nicole, regarding the mama and kittens she has (read yesterday’s post for a refresher or in case you missed it) :

Just wanted to give an update on Talia and her babies: The New Rochelle Humane Society is letting me foster them and will take care of the tests and shots, etc. Their first vet appointment is on Monday, and once they get a clean bill of health and are about 8 weeks old, they’ll be up for adoption through the shelter. 😀 But if anyone is still interested and has the patience to wait for these adorable kittens to be certified healthy, I’ll do my best to make sure you get first dibs on the kitten of your choice (or on Talia).

That is awesome!!! Thanks for the update, Nicole!

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I tell you what, I am feeling really really good about Tony Rocky Horror Pickle’s chances. Not only has he started eating like it’s going out of style, but yesterday he started PLAYING, and I only wish I had taken the camera upstairs with me when I went up to offer them some wet food at noon. After he ate (and ate and ate and ate), Tony Rocky Horror Pickle walked around and batted at toys, and then he play-fought with Polly and with Joe, and in both cases the bigger kittens were fairly gentle with him, but when he thought they were getting the better of him, he growled and yowled, and Polly and Joe backed right off. Oh, he is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

“What doon, lady?”

Still not getting that whole “food in the mouth” thing. Luckily, he’s pretty good about letting me clean his face.

“He’s a big baby and he called me names and I don’t like him. Hmph.”

“See my belleh spots? I am told they are delightful.”

Percy, Petey and Polly, snuggle up for a nap.

Percy would like it known that he also has delightful belleh spots.

Polly also likes to walk around with food on her face.

As does Percy. I guess they all do!

It’s a Polly in a giant Croc slipper bed!

And there’s a little Tony Rocky Horror Pickle, snuggling in for a nap.

The problem here is that when I walk into the room, instead of just STAYING where they are so I can get a good picture, they start coming over to me for love or food, thus ruining my pictures. Thoughtless little monsters.

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Today we profile Caspian, the last of the ‘Maters!

Oh, how Caspian loves his mama. But does he love his mama, or does he love the milk his mama provides? A little of the former and MOSTLY the latter, I suspect. Because as small as Caspian is, he has a bottomless stomach. If he’s not following his mama around trying to nurse (which she’s pretty much put a stop to at this point), he’s following his FOSTER mama around, howling about how he’s “OH MY GOD STARRRRRRRRRRVING!”

I’m not going to lie – sometimes I have to put the whole bunch of them in the guest bedroom and shut the door for an hour or so in the middle of the day just so I don’t inadvertently set off Mr. Mouth by rattling a plate or making some noise that he is under the impression means he’s about to get some food in his loud little face. (They have food, water, litter boxes, and many places to sleep in there. It’s not much of a hardship for them.)

Huntin’ flies.

Caspian has a few nicknames. The one we use the most is “Whipper” because when he greets me in the morning or gets excited, he whips his tail back and forth. It’s seriously cute. His other nicknames include (but are not limited to) “Mouth” and “ChitChat”, because he’s always got a lot to say.

Lest you think he spends all his time howling, rest assured that Caspian is also a great big lovebug. I never know when it’s going to happen, but at least twice a day he is overcome with the need for love, and he flops down in front of me and writhes around while I rub his belly. If I stop or move, he follows me. He will NOT be denied! It would never, for one single moment, occur to him that I have anything to do other than rub his belly.

And then when he’s done being petted, he curls up in a tiny ball in the crook of my arm and goes to sleep, and then I accidentally wake him up by kissing him 100 times in a row.

I think maybe because he’s the littlest kitten in his litter, he has Short Man’s Syndrome, and he makes up for it with his loud voice and demanding ways. And also because he’s so little and cute, he gets away with it!

Like the rest of the ‘Maters, he’s super playful, and his favorite toy is other cats. He prefers his brothers or mother, but really any cat will do. Considering his early propensity for putting on his Stranger Danger Floof when faced with a strange cat, it’s funny that he likes the permanent residents so much. Especially Jake, who isn’t bothered by his loud, demanding ways, and will allow Caspian to play with his tail or come in close for a face-rub.

He loves to do this wide-eyed “I see a serial killer behind you!” look.

“Am sleepin’. You go ‘way.”

A loud little man who knows what he wants and how to get it, who loves his food and his mama and his play time, and enjoys a good belly rub a couple of times a day, that’s our Caspian!

“I lubs my mama.”

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More pictures from the back yard Da Bird session.

“This ‘Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars’ business is actually kind of hard to pull off.”

Invisible waltz.

Riverdance Sugardance!

I love how Kara’s in the background, all “Look at that idiot.”

“What an idiot. Yeah, jump for the FAKE BIRD, idiot.”


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