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Tony Rocky Horror Pickle continues to hang in there. No weight gain, but he’s bright-eyed and eating, he’s drinking and using the litter box, he likes to be petted. I tried to clean some poop off his tail yesterday and he squawked indignantly at me, so he’s got some spirit, that’s for sure.

Petey, my last holdout against the diarrhea that’s plaguing that litter of kittens, succumbed yesterday. I would give my kingdom for a solid poop from any of those kittens!

The Pickles, picture taken over the weekend, before we realized that Tony Rocky Horror Pickle was leaving little presents everywhere and needed to be contained.

His entire body’s practically the size of Polly’s head (to be fair, she’s kinda big-headed).

Hello, little bug.

Petey could not be bothered to wake up.

And then he woke up and was grumpy. Go back to sleep, Petey!

Ah, I see the problem. You’re supposed to eat your food, Tony Rocky Horror Pickle, not absorb it through the skin on your nose.

“Am I in JAIL for not eating all my food? How do I get bail? Halp!”

Take any smallish container, put something soft in it, and the kittens will sleep in it.

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Today, we focus on Sungold!

Sungold is the hunter-gatherer of the litter. If there’s something moving, he regards it as prey. And he hunts it down and kills it, then carries it proudly back to his mama and brothers to show off. With Sungold around, no one will ever go hungry! He’s the one kitten in the litter who can not only hunt the flies that occasionally make their way in through the door, but he actually catches them (okay, he eats them, too. Yuck!)

He’s secure in his hunting skills, and in his down time he likes to take baths, harass his brothers, and chase after his mother begging her to let him nurse. Unlike some other kittens in his litter, though, he understand that when Mama says no, she MEANS no, and he doesn’t keep bothering her. He’s a gentleman, is what I’m saying.

He’s a sweet, laid-back chilled-out hunk of a mankitten, and no matter where he is, you can bet he’s stretched out, comfortable, and ready to snooze  (unless he’s hunting, of course).

He’s got a tiny bit of a leaky eye, as you can see – interestingly, Mr. Stripey’s leaky eye is his right eye; Sungold’s leaky eye is his left eye. Unlike Mr. Stripey, though, Sungold’s eye is rarely leaky, and it goes away on its own pretty quickly.

Sungold LOVES to climb, and he climbs straight up that scratching post every day, then sits there and chews on the cord attached to the top. Sometimes his brothers and mother try to help, whereupon he growls them away and says “I’ve got this! Back off!”

Like the rest of his litter, he’s sweet and friendly, playful and laid-back. He loves to play and his favorite toy is a Kong Kickeroo, but he’ll play with almost anything. One thing’s for sure – if he’s got a toy, he’s not sharing! This video was taken about a month ago, but his attitude hasn’t changed at all regarding sharing his toys.

YouTube link

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More back yard Da Bird hijinks!

Alice goes for it… and misses.

So close, Newt!

Truck driver Newt giving the invisible finger to other invisible drivers.

Though he tried his best to catch the football, the quarterback’s throw went wide, and Newt didn’t have a chance.

Newt hung there as long as he could, hoping that he could force a different outcome, but mind over matter only works in the movies. And on TV. And in books. But NOT in real kitteh life.

He knew Coach Alice was about to let him have it, and he tried to defend himself before she let loose. “Coach! There’s no way on earth ANYone could have caught that!” Coach Alice was not impressed, and opted to give him the silent-glare treatment.


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