12-2-16 Friday

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So.. are you still selling Jam?

Yep, we’ve still got some jams and preserves left, if anyone’s interested (I update that page every time I get an order.)


I KNOW this is a cat page, and I feel a little bit like a traitor, but I got a puppy over the weekend. She is only 8 wks or so and is an Aussie. She’s smart and BUSY! So I was wondering if any of the readers have suggestions for durable toys that would keep her busy. I have a ball and a rope toy already and also a rubber bone chew toy. Any other ideas?

There were lots of ideas shared in the comments Wednesday – you can see them here – but I’d love to hear any suggestions y’all have!


I forgot to do my usual reminder yesterday that people can also help Challenger’s House by selecting it as their Amazon Smile charity.

That’s right, you certainly can – and it doesn’t cost you a thing!


Please ask Fred for his feral taming advice. I have 3 abandoned kitties who have shown up, and I’d love to get my hands on them. I’m going to trap and neuter them as soon as I can get on the shelter’s schedule, but I would love to introduce them to a better life.

Fred wrote this:

Make sure they understand that you’re the source of good food. That’s probably the key to everything: they have to understand it comes from you. Take them canned stuff (cat food or, if you can’t get close at all, something stinky like mackerel that they can smell from a distance) and stay somewhat near (seated, preferably, so you’re not as towering) while they eat, if that’s possible. It may take days before they’ll even trust you enough to let you within 20-30 feet of them. Talk to them soothingly and blink slowly at them. If they talk back, it’s a very good sign. Try to position yourself just a little bit closer every day, until one day you’re close enough to very slowly reach out and let them sniff you. You have to be patient, infuriatingly patient, and willing to sit for long periods of time babbling and blinking like a fool. If they’re tamable, they’ll eventually get comfortable around you and start flirting (rolling around, stretching, etc). Then it’s just a matter of time before you can touch them. It probably goes without saying, but don’t make any sudden moves so they stay calm.


I love that picture of Carmela from 2013 with her jumping on the platform – notice that all four paws are in the air, just barely not touching the platform! And that picture of Dandelion crazy over the feather toy cracked me UP!

I love those pictures, too!


That one raised white paw during the ‘nap time’ is killing me! Assume that’s Aberdeen? Where was she lying? Didn’t look like she was on the bed.

YouTube link

Yep, that’s Aberdeen. There’s a small cat tree at the end of the bed, and the top level is just under the level of the bed. I put it there to make it easier for them to get up on the bed, and they love to hang out on top of it.


For Nov 30th, you made Cats, Beavers and Ducks!!

I saw that. We’re famous!


Goodness me. The 2007 post. It should go straight to the favorite posts! One of your very best, Robyn! And that is something, Because all your posts are great!

I’ve added it to the best-of list. And thank you, you are so sweet!

(Here’s a reminder that if you guys happen to see a post, a picture, or a video you want to see added to the favorite posts, favorite pictures, or favorite videos pages, let me know.)


Speaking of Fred to the rescue, I’m quite curious about that little orange tabby pictured in the Facebook post on Love and Hisses, who Fred says was named “Lieu”. Do we get to know his story?

Lieu was one of the Rescuees back in 2010. Fred heard him howling in the culvert under the road (which is at the edge of our property) and we had quite a time convincing him to come out. If I recall correctly, Fred took a bucket of water to the other side of the road, dumped it so that the water would run toward the kitten, and the kitten ran toward me – and that was Lieu. (Read the whole story here.)

The picture mentioned, by the way, is a collage Fred put together and posted on Facebook, and I shared. It’s all the cats who’ve shown up here and were subsequently tamed by Fred.

From left to right, top to bottom: Rupert, Alice, Newman, Stefan, Chachi, Cletus van Damme, Rufus, Potsie, Coltrane, Archie, Monday, Martin (Marty), Privet (Floomp), and Lieu.


“My, Unca Stefan, what a big mouth you have!” says Raleigh.

Iva in the sun, grabbing for the feather teaser. I love her striped whiskers, have I mentioned?

Face-off at the scratcher! (It was resolved peacefully.)


OH, that little gray nose. (Yes, I kissed it.)

Iva and Charlotte in the basket, with Charleston looking on.

Charleston started to move from the window bed to the top of the scratcher, but decided it was too much effort.

Charleston’s delightfully spotted belly.

“Hi, Unca Stefan!” said Chesnee as she was passing by.

Then along came Iva. “HI UNCA STEFAN! HI!”

“I SAID HI, UNCA ‘FON. HI. AIN’T YOU GONNA SAY HI?!” (He opted to flee for a kitten-free part of the house.)

Pile o’ sleepy kittens.

Five of the six! When I’m waving a feather teaser around, Chesnee’s usually the one who comes over to me instead of looking up at the teaser, which is why she’s not in this picture.

Chesnee got her turkey!

“Bow before your princess, peasants.”

The kittens are headed to Petsmart tomorrow morning, arriving just before adoption hours. I suspect that they’ll be scared and will probably hide, but hopefully they’ll adjust quickly. They’re still young, they should be fine – though of course in a perfect world, they’ll all get adopted tomorrow.

It’s a bummer (this part always is), because they’ve hit peak nap time and tv-watching companion skills, and now they’re leaving me. This house is going to be so quiet and calm (and a little boring) without them, but I suspect the permanent residents (especially… well, all of them except Stefan) will be glad to see them go.

I have more pictures of them to share, which I’ll do next week. For the time being, we’ll be concentrating on getting Dustin to trust us. (I don’t have any pictures of Dustin to share today, but rest assured that you’ll be seeing plenty of him in the future.)


“Oh, are the little dears leaving us? That’s a shame. I’m broken-hearted. No, really.”

YouTube link


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  1. I would argue the point that it was technically Dennis who tamed Monday & brought her home, lol!

    Love Stefan’s face with Iva “all up in his grill”! hahaha

  2. Loved the picture Fred posted yesterday on Facebook of Alice Mo giving him such a look of lurve. Or a look of ham, there was dispute on that point in the comments.

    • I don’t know…maybe they should all stay with Robyn and Fred. Dennis could have his own gang of Tabby Minions and Jake and Joe Bob could have mini-me’s.

  3. Okay, I know you are selling calendars.. but.. the real question is.. do you have any jelly?? 😉

    that photo of them on the bed looking at the feather toy?.. that belly is killing me dead.

  4. Your Flat Holly post that you have elsewhere remains one of my favorites. You should move it to the favorites page!

    • I think I’m going to share it in a “Throw Back Thursday” post – and I’ll be sure to add it to the favorites page! 🙂

  5. Thank you all for the suggestions on Wednesday for the puppy toys. I feel like you all deserve a picture of the little tyke. Her name is Gypsy and I will email a pic to Robyn.

  6. I appreciate Fred’s taming advice. We have a cat in the neighborhood-I have no idea if it is feral or someone’s pet. I’ve seen it a few times, but it runs away each time I talk to it. Then the other day, I was looking out the window, saw something out of the corner of my eye-and that cat was sitting right next to the house, in a spot that had no snow. I thought it looked much rougher than usual, and now I am worried it is hungry. It saw me looking at it, hissed and ran across the street.

    So now I am wondering if I should put food out there for it. I have a soft spot for it already, because it looks like one of my cats. I don’t want to attract voles to the house, but I wondered if I should put food out where it was relaxing and chilling out. I just hate that thought that it might be out there in the cold and hungry.

    • I think you could put food out for a limited amount of time – say, a couple of hours, around the time you usually see him – and then bring it inside if it isn’t eaten, so as not to attract voles or other pests. If you’re really lucky, you might be able to get into a schedule with him so that he knows when you’ll put food out, and you’ll know that he’s eating, and what kind of shape he’s in.

  7. Question for the cat-taming Andersons … if a feral kitty will let you touch him but is clearly very reluctant to be touched, is it better to try to pet him even though he doesn’t like it or hold back and let him come to you before you try to touch him?

    • Honestly, it depends on his age – are we talking about a kitten foster? Because scaredy kittens get cuddled, petted, and kissed every time I walk into the room. If we’re talking about an adult feral (like Fancypants), then I’d be more careful. Fred is able to pet Fancypants, but he doesn’t get too vigorous, because he doesn’t want Fancypants to snap and attack. With a kitten, all bets are off. Forcible cuddling all the way. 🙂

      • Aha… I see… that makes sense… yes, he’s about four months old. 😀 I don’t think he’s the I’m-going-to-lash-out-at-you type, more the scared-don’t-want-you-near-me type.