12-1-16 Thursday

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“Look, Chesnee, look! I’m sharpening my claws like a manly mancat. I’m impressive, right?”
“Sure, Raleigh. Sure you are.”

It’s blurry, but there’s six of the seven (don’t expect to see a picture of all seven – I don’t think Dustin can be lured out to pose with them at this point.)

Little poser Charleston.

Nap time with Abby. That girl is such a little snuggler!

Charlotte, checking out the big basket.

Iva, in the little basket.

Charlotte lures Iva into some wrasslin’…

Does some feather teaser grabbin’ (the look on her face is cracking me UP)…

Then sneaks into the tiny basket. Uh oh, Charlotte. I don’t think that big ol’ foot is going to fit in that tiny basket!

“That’s what YOU think, lady!”

“How’d she fit that big ol’ foot in that tiny basket?” wonders Raleigh.
“It’s a mystery!” says Chesnee.

Dustin, in the condo on the wall. He’s not inclined to come out of his box when the humans are in the room, but he spent plenty of time out and about Tuesday night. By yesterday morning, the kittens were already less hissy toward him.

We put him in the bathroom during the day yesterday, and he hid in various places. Fred was able to coax him out, but he’s still one nervous kittyboy.


“You gots treats?” inquires Jake.


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12-1-16 Thursday — 11 Comments

  1. Hoping yesterday’s storms missed you, Fred, & Crooked Acres and all residents are well! The news footage is scary!

    C’mon, Dustin, the hoomins are okay – just settle in and let yourself relax – – you’ve hit the jackpot of foster homes!

  2. Charlotte after the feather teaser.. before I read the caption what went through my head was “Lordy Lordy, let it be snackin’ time!” Said, of course, in a southern accent as one would expect from A) a girl in Alabama, and B) a girl named after a southern city. “Please, weird lady, we hasn’t had a snackin’ time in a kittens age!”

    Hello Jake my dear, do your loons disappear when you think about snackin’ time? You need a kiss between those ears!

    Edit P.S. 2007 is hysterical! “has for me the snackin'” Now I want to change what Charlotte says! But I wont since I already posted it.

    • Goodness me. The 2007 post. It should go straight to the favorite posts! One of your very best, Robyn! And that is something, Because all your posts are great!

  3. It is taking every ounce of my willpower to NOT come and get the entire bunch and take them all to their proper home in North CAROLINA with me 🙂 Oh I adore them so! Sweet, scared Dustin has melted my heart too. I know Fred will make him feel safe.