10-4-22 Tuesday

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I don’t know what it is about that mat, but the kittens (Lalo here) LOVE to kick it, bite it, and lick it.

Mike’s giving some attitude.

Nacho in the window hammock.

I just love this ridiculous boy – Saul – with his crazy eyes and long legs and big ol’ feet.

Gus seems very pleased with himself.

Saul’s all “HALLO!”

Francesca considers a nap.

Kim is such a gorgeous girl.


Alice Mo rolls around on the warm cement.

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The Fish Taco truck proprietor and her employee (Saul) will be with you once milk break is over.

Mama gets some Tunnel Time (while Nacho waits impatiently behind her.)

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Do you think Kim likes that track toy just a little bit?

Mike is havin’ a think.

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3 minutes of kittens playing. I swear, I’d love to have 1/10th of their energy.

Another break for the taco truck crew. (Mike, Lalo and Nacho)

Good night innernets. (Saul and Gus)


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  1. I too would like to have 1/10th of that kitten energy!! I’d settle for 1/20th, to be honest.