10-3-22 Monday

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Kim is all “Kid, you need a bath.”

Francesca’s face is killing me. “I guess if Mama says I need a bath, I get a bath whether I want one or not!”

Then Francesca moved along, and Kim said “I’m not sure she’s clean enough, but I’m not chasing her down.”

I wish this picture was clearer, but Nacho mid-leap coming for an unsuspecting Gus is just KILLING me.

And I kind of wish I’d gotten all of Lalo’s body in this mid-leap picture, but the fact that I didn’t almost makes the picture better.

Francesca loves that packing strap.

Lalo’s appalled at Francesca’s leaping form.

He’s all “THIS is how you do it!”

And then along came Mike to contribute to the chaos.

“I do enjoy some chaos,” admits Mike.

Meanwhile, Saul stayed far away from the craziness.

In case you missed it on social media (you can see the picture below in the social media section), we are ADOPTION PENDING on Lalo and Gus, together. The family who adopted Angus (now Obi) and Ian (Luke, who passed away at the end of August from FIP) came to meet the kittens on Thursday. They were interested in adopting a kitten for Obi to play with, but the next morning let me know that they were interested in both Lalo and Gus. Both boys are total chill charmers and there aren’t really any bonded pairs in this litter, so I think that’s a good pairing. Their neuter surgery isn’t scheduled yet, but will hopefully happen in late October.

This leaves Kim and Francesca, Mike, Saul and Nacho still available (though as I mentioned, the kittens haven’t been spayed/neutered yet and won’t ’til late October, so we’ve got time yet.)


Jake in the back flower bed, next to the catmint. None of the cats are particularly interested in the catmint, but it grows well, looks good, and every time I think about cutting it back, I see that there are bees all over it. Since we love our pollinators (and as far as I’m concerned the catmint can take over that entire bed if it so desires), I’ll let it go for now.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) over the weekend.

Mike’s all “Hi hi innernets! Hi!”

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Lalo has discovered his tail!

A Francesca and her Mama.

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Playing in, on, and around the Fruittasan. (Note: I got the Fruittasan from Pier1 several years ago. They no longer carry it, but you can often find something similar at Home Goods or TJ Maxx.)

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The kittens like that track toy (but they’re not so sure about it when I get the balls spinning wildly!)

Good night innernets. (Gus)

Just a heads up: we are ADOPTION PENDING on Lalo and Gustavo, TOGETHER. Don’t start saying your goodbyes just yet, though – they’ll be with us for probably another month; they still have to be neutered (which will hopefully happen late October), so we still get to enjoy them for a while longer. When they go home, they will be joining former foster Obi (who was Angus when he was with us.) ❤️⁠

Mama Kim Wexler, Francesca (girl), Nacho (girl), Mike (boy) and Saul (boy) are not spoken for yet. (If you’re interested, you can email info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire. Kim has been spayed and is pretty much ready to go; the kittens won’t be spayed/neutered until late October or so.)

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Francesca’s showing that bed (and her brother) who the boss is!

I don’t know what it is about that tunnel, but Kim REALLY enjoys just hanging out in there. I suppose the fact that kittens can’t come in and nurse is part of the appeal.

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Mike and Nacho at the milk bar, and everyone else is out cold, sound asleep. Awww.⁠

Note: The kittens are 9 weeks old, and yes they are eating just fine on their own. They will take the opportunity to comfort nurse whenever mama allows it. (She has been spayed.)

Kim would like to remind you that the Forgotten Felines online auction ends in ONE HOUR. If you haven’t bid before now, better get moving! (The auction has ended, but Kim’s so cute I had to share this picture here.)

Good night innernets. (Saul)

We’re having a lazy morning here in the kitten room. (Francesca)

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By request: Nacho’s leap in slow motion. The girl can FLY!

Nacho in the sun, showing off those pretty white whiskers and gorgeous green eyes. ❤️

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Tossing toys for kittens, and watching them play. (Francesca will bunny-kick anything, I swear.)

Good night innernets. (Lalo)


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10-3-22 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. I’d like to see a picture a couple seconds after the one of Nacho “attacking” Gus!

  2. help me collective! I got a new (to me) sofa this weekend and my cat (Felix) thinks it is going to be the BEST scratching post ever! I’ve currently got foil taped all around the corners, but needless to say – that’s kinda ugly…. What do y’all suggest for a longterm solution?

    • Make sure there’s a great scratching post or thing he’s allowed to scratch nearby. Put a throw blanket over the new sofa for when you’re not there (tuck it around so there’s no access to the tempting oh-so-fun-to-scratch fabric). You can leave the sofa cover off when you’re there. And every time the cat goes to scratch the sofa, stop him and redirect to the scratching post.

    • Sherry, I concur with Jess. Have something that is permitted to be scratched in the very same spot/area as the sofa corner/stretch. In other words … no scratching the sofa, but look at this lovely scratcher in the same (as close to same) spot.

      You may have to try a variety of types of scratching surfaces. Out of my 12, some like the cardboard scratchers, some like the carpet, some like wood, some like sisal. Nearly none like the fabric, after they were able to partake of the other materials. You may need to also try a variety of heights. Watch if the kitty is stretching to scratch or just leaning. That might lead you to what height of scratcher to get.

      If money is an issue, there are all sorts of DIY scratcher ideas online, and many can be done on the cheap. I hope you are able to find the right fit and solution for you both.

    • If it doesn’t bother you, try putting flexible scratch mats over the arms of the sofa and direct the cats to scratch on that part only (reenforce with praise & treats). It works really well for me; I leave mine in place all the time and provide pillows for humans who don’t want to sit against the rough mat, but you could remove the mats when company comes over. I also have a cat tree with several scratching posts next to my sofa, and agree with others who suggested a temporary cover while your cats are learning.

    • Re: scratching….We are 1 for 2 right now. With the first cat, we had good luck using double stick tape pads (Amazon) on the problem areas, combined with lots of scratching post options. Our girl loves one that looks like a tunnel, firm enough to stand on, with 2 fabric options for scratching. We occasionally sprinkle some cat nip on it. Otherwise, I find the “still learning” younger cat doesn’t purposely scratch on the couch that has a tight weave microfiber (feels like velvet) but goes after the looser weave chair fabric. We have postponed buying new furniture but will likely go with leather or microfiber/velvety options. If anyone has suggestions, I am open ideas for to decent but not expensive new furniture.

  3. OK that “Nacho mid-leap coming for an unsuspecting Gus” picture made me laugh SO hard — just what I needed on a Monday morning. Gus is really striding along on his way to do something very important, isn’t he, bless his little heart. And THEN. Hee!

    • THEN SUDDENLY NACHO. That picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. It’s definitely going to be a long-term favorite of mine.

  4. Love your action shots, Robyn! I don’t think people realize how hard pics like that can be to get. How you manage it without the blur is just short of miraculous.

    I want to be like you when I grow up! 😉