10-5-22 Wednesday

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Princess Nacho is taking a nap. You may go.

Francesca is a princess too!

Lalo and Saul have a snooze. I guess it’s a lazy day in the kitten room.

Nacho is such a little poser.

I love how the angle of this picture makes it look like Lalo’s paw is resting on Saul’s head.

Mike, Gus and Lalo wonder just what I’m doing with that feather teaser.

“What doin’, lady?” wonders Mike.


Archie enjoys the sun. He has such pretty eyes, doesn’t he?


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It’s National Taco Day, and as soon as Kim has a little nap, she’ll be happy to serve you.

Francesca wonders whether you want a fish taco or a fish taco. It’s National Taco Day, y’know!

YouTube link
A short video showing off Lalo & Gus’s awesome jump moves.

On National Taco Day, Francesca and Saul did NOT eat all the profits, and they resent the accusation.

YouTube link
Francesca is one wild little kitten – and Mama doesn’t appreciate her hijinks.

❤️ (Mike)

Good night innernets. (Gus)


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10-5-22 Wednesday — 4 Comments

  1. In the second picture, Nacho’s paw looks like she’s silently saying “I’m sleeping, and if you bother me I will slap you into next week.”

  2. Ooh it’s a fresh-baked Archie loaf! (with bee-yew-tiful eyes)

    So I saw (and liked, of course) the Mike and the Mirror picture on Instagram, but I don’t think I fully realized the specialness of that picture until seeing it again now in the blog. That kitten!!