8-10-20 Monday

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Just a reminder that the current Forgotten Felines online auction is going on NOW, with new things added each morning through the week, including…

This ADORABLE stained glass witch and orange kitty made by local artisan Kara.

The Facebook auction page is here, and the auction lasts ’til Saturday evening at 7 pm Central Time!


Athos has a sleepy.

And now Athos has a snuggle buddy. I guess Aramis saw how peaceful Athos was looking and had to disturb his slumber.

Rochefort in the sun. Such a PRETTY boy.

I guess everyone’s kinda sleepy this morning. Monday mornings make me sleepy too.

Aramis in the giant teacup, havin’ a snooze.

I’m pretty sure d’Artagnan needs a kiss.

Please zoom in on Rochefort’s mouth and admire his tiny toofers.

Porthos likes to snuffle around in my hair.

Winter’s little legs kicked out behind her kill me.

She’s gorgeous and she knows it.

You can’t really see them all, but 7 of the 8 are present in this picture. D’Artagnan is in the very back of the cubby of the little blue tree.

See? There’s d’Artagnan – with Aramis in the middle and Athos in the front.

Planchet was on the other side of the room, hanging out in the pile o’ beds and looking smug.


Archie needs a kiss.


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