2-4-16 Thursday

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Throw Back Thursday

Recently, I was looking at a picture on Flickr, got sidetracked by my Flickr stats, and ended up looking through my pictures arranged in order by the number of “faves” they’d gotten on Flickr. I thought that would be a good Throw Back Thursday post, so here you go: my top twenty faved pictures from Flickr. (Just to be clear: it’s not like any of these pictures were faved thousands or even hundreds of times – the top picture has 92 faves, and the bottom has 15. I just thought it was an interesting mixture.)

Flossie from my very first litter. This is one of my most stolen pictures EVER, and I occasionally still stumble across it (and if it’s posted without attribution, I might insist that they remove it, depending on my mood).

Russet – also known as Cap’n Floofy – who was just the FLOOFIEST.

Emmy and one of the Nominees – I can’t swear to it, but I think it’s Newbery. Might be Razzie, though.

One of my favorite Sugarbutt pictures. This was in the back yard of our previous house. It may have been with a new camera – I’m pretty sure Fred took this picture. I love it so much!

BeeBees! Combo, using Badger as a bed. Awwwww.

Snoopy, from my first litter of kittens (brother to Flossie, up there at the top).

Oh, the blurry, but OH the CUTE. Miz Poo, wearing a lion hat. I sure do miss that girl.

Ambercup, always the laydee.

Sugarbutt and Tommy. They would have been about six months old here.

Adele! Such a gorgeous, floofy girl.

River and Inara, two of Kara’s kittens. (They were later adopted together – River became Nate and Inara became Dora.)

The Seven – another of my most-stolen pictures ever, probably because I submitted it (and it was posted on) Cute Overload (RIP). This picture was actually in the Cute Overload calendar that year, and I still have the page from the calendar around here somewhere; I’m intending to frame it and hang it in the foster room if I ever get around to it.

Kara’s kitten Zoe, in a bowl taking a bath.

Maddy, our very first bottle baby, and the one who terrified me the most since I’d never bottle-fed a kitten before.

Sugarbutt and his fabulous blue SoftPawses. That was back in the day when we had the energy to glue nail caps onto cats’ claws. (Have you noticed that Sugarbutt is making several appearances in this list? Everyone loves a happy orinch boy.)

Maddy again, in her princess crown. I loved that picture so much that I put it on a t-shirt, captioned it “Just call me Princess” and gave it to my niece for Christmas one year.

I adore this picture so. That’s Jesikat (left) running from her bitey brother Peyton. This is one of the litters – KATG2 – I haven’t gotten the entries posted about. I will soon! Maybe! (A girl can dream, right?)

Sugarbutt again. He was about six months old here – look at that happy little face!

Stinkerbelle, from about a year ago. I’m pretty sure she was giving her Tommy the Eyes of Lurve.

Kara’s kitten Inara (now Dora).

So there you go. Next week, I’ll post my top 20 pictures by view – there’s surprisingly little overlap!


I never watched CSI:Miami, but I understand that this is the look Horatio would get on his face right before he put on his sunglasses and spit out his one-liner.

“If you stretch out like this, your belly doesn’t look as big.”

“Tell the innernets I said that, lady. Tell them about my good posing tip!”

While trying to find the perfect scratcher for Koko so she’ll stop sharpening her claws on the rug/quilt, I brought one of the scratcher bowls into the kitten room. She had no clue what to make of it. Tried to go under it, sniffed it all over, and didn’t use it.



Throw back to last July, when the sun was shining and the grass was green and Kara sat in the middle of the back yard and kept an eye on things.


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