9-25-20 Friday

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Question, do you have a favorite scale? I need to start weighing my old lady kitty to make sure she’s doing ok.

I actually have two scales – this one for fosters and this one for the permanent residents. (I only have two because I like to leave one in the foster room and keep the other one downstairs.) They both work great – most any baby scale will work well, too.


D’Artagnan is such a little snugglebug.

I like how Athos is using his back feet to push Rochefort’s head closer to his mouth so he can really get in there and get that ear clean.


Couch full o’ kittens (please note Porthos up flopped across the pillows.)

I love how Athos, Aramis and d’Artagnan are walking toward Archie (who’s at the food bowl) with their tails straight up in the air. They love them some Uncle Archie.

Rochefort’s all “Hiiiii Unca Archie!”

Archie retreated to the big Summer Cuties box to have a moment alone.

Pretty, pretty Aramis.

Constance certainly does like herself a big soft bed.

I seriously can’t stand how darn CUTE Porthos is.


Jake’s all “Excuse you lady, I am hanging with my BFF*.”

*Best Floofy Friend, obviously.


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  1. Who doesn’t love them some Uncle Archie? Those kittens certainly do need to learn how to chill though…

    Aw, I love that photo of Jake and Khal! Are they always hanging out together?