9-25-19 Wednesday

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Why so skeptical, Luc?

Fleur, floofing for no reason at all. I mean, does she NEED a reason?

Gabrielle keeps an eye on me.

Beauregard likes to be sure his slappin’ paw is always ready to go.

Looks like Luc is tellin’ secrets again.

JoJo has a grumpy.

“Why so weird, lady?” Gabrielle inquires.

Beauregard, the very picture of innocence. (Don’t be fooled… see above about him and that slappin’ paw!)

Josephine’s giving Auntie Kat the ol’ snifferoo.

Gabrielle’s all “Who, ME?”


Dewey, hanging out on the deck and refusing to look at me. (At least he didn’t run away, so there’s that.)


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9-25-19 Wednesday — 4 Comments

  1. Beauregard really has mastered the look of innocence and “but…but I loves you Lady, I would never…” look, hasn’t he? If he were human mothers would be warning their daughters away from him.

    Dewey! It’s always a good day when he stays put for picture.

  2. Fleur always has an excellent reason to floof – it’s a great look on her. Plus, it says “you may think I am just a small and helpless kitten, but see I am really a huge lion and will hurt you.”

  3. I think it’s officially happened: I’ve become so addicted to this blog that you’re just not posting enough pictures for me! How can you put a limit on adorable?! You have a real talent for telling a story with your pics that I just can’t see enough of them in one day. I’m relegated to going back in time to get my fill. Good thing you have 14 YEARS of pics for me to consume. Bwa-ha-ha!