9-25-17 Monday

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This is Loki:

He is located in N. Richland Hills, Texas and he’s looking for a home. Click on the picture or on this link right here to go read more about him and see pictures. Please share, and let’s help find this boy a home!


I have an update!

Way, way, wayyyyy back in July, we had this little cutie pie.

That, of course, is Agnes who was with us as part of the Belle & the Beasts litter. Agnes was adopted pretty quickly, and she has been renamed KitKat, and she’s doing great!

Rachel said: Hello, my family adopted a little kitty from Challenger’s House in August and we were told you were her foster mom. I thought you might like some update pictures of Agnes in her new home!

Here she is happily napping in one of her favorite places on my parents bed (normal on a large pile of clean clothes).

And, another favorite spot, on the kitchen chairs under the table.

And my favorite, her being a little cuddle bug ❤️

She’s been a great addition to our cat family, we have two other cats named Luna and Felix who have grown to love her very quickly. Thank you so much for the work you do fostering animals!

Isn’t it wonderful to see that sweet face again? Thank you for the update, Rachel, and for letting me share!


Hubble got the ball – now he’s not sure what to do with it.

“What doin’ weird lady?” wonders Stardust.

Telstar hangin’ out on the spaceship, showin’ his fangs.

Sweet little muffin Phoenix.

“Mama Mama Mama I love you!”

Hand full o’ Telstar.

Mercury is tired of my camera, I think.

It’s a rough life, Aurora.

Phoenix and Hubble in the Tiny Basket.

Girls, hanging out. Back to front: Stardust, Aurora, Phoenix.

Stardust and Hubble in the Butterfly Bed.

Stardust had better places to be.

Sleepy Telstar and Stardust.

Sleepy cup o’ Hubble.


Video! Play time in the foster room (I know, boring title.) If nothing else, watch to the end of the first section, when Phoenix leaps off the ess and then gives her mother a sassy look. It cracks me UP.

YouTube link


I think Joe Bob needs a kiss. (Luckily, he enjoys being kissed!)


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9-25-17 Monday — 5 Comments

  1. Awww Agnes(Kitkat)! I really loved her and if I hadn’t just recently gotten a kitten I would have driven all the way from NY to get her!

  2. Good to see KitKat! Always love the torties. In that first photo, she looks somewhat smug, ha! Thanks for sharing update.

    The video: Kitteh wrassling! 🙂

  3. Yay update!! Thanks for sharing Rachel, KitKat looks very happy and so grown up, wow! That’s one of my nicknames but when I spell it out I add an extra T to both parts. 🙂

    That video is great. Phoenix was all, “Oh, hi mama, I didn’t see you there. Um, no I didn’t just jump off that thing and almost break a leg. No, no, no I’d never!”