7-3-19 Wednesday

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Madeline would like you to know that Amelie makes a comfy bed.

Francois thinks Pete the Cat makes a better bed.

That tiny tongue! (Amelie)

They (especially Madeline) just love that donut bed so very much – I think they like that they’re still small enough to fit down in the middle if they want to.

Margeaux can nearly always be found flat on her belly like that. (Apparently I interrupted an important Mama-NotTheMama conversation.)

Margeaux might not be his Mama, but Jacques certainly learned about comfy belly-on-the-floor positions from her.

I love it when Antoine falls asleep on his back. That boy cracks me up.

The smile on her face kills me. (I know it looks like her belly is huge, but trust me – it’s not nearly as big and round (at least compared to the rest of her) as it used to be. When she’s up running around, she nearly looks like a normal kitten now.)

Certainly DOES contain something awesome, thank you. (Madeline & Esmee)

A Madeline and her Mama.


It’s taken a few weeks, but the permanent residents are slowly starting to come upstairs during the day and hang out. Kara, Archie and Alice, especially, can be found hanging out in Fred’s office or snoozing on one of the beds.


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7-3-19 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. They’re creeping towards the long and lanky stage, but they still have the “wow that’s friggin’ awesome!” round kitten faces and eyes! They’re so cute.

  2. So what is it like to be in labor???? Margaeux asks. I can’t do French

    Jacques is killing me! (I talked to FF and they do not reserve kittens)

  3. These are the most kitten-like kittens! (I probably say that every time.) And I believe Katriane is explaining to Margeaux that there is no way she’s going to be helping out with her impending kittens!