7-2-20 Thursday

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Happy Thlurrrpsday!

Lola’s hanging out.

Benjamin and Bugs have a snuggle.

Cutey, keeping an eye on me.

And Cutey, trying to grab Bunny’s tail.

Honey has a sleepy.

There goes Bugs, looking all amused again.

Benjamin in his own little world.

Clyde, also in his own little world.

Shhh, the tree is sleepin’.

The whole gang. Please note that even though they’re not nursing, Clyde and Cutey have joined the pile.

The spay & neuter surgeries went just fine yesterday. I totally didn’t think about the fact that the kittens are actually 10 days shy of 3 months old, so they weren’t able to get their rabies shots yesterday. They’ll have to go back and get them, probably on the day when Cutey and Clyde have their spay/neuter surgeries in a couple of weeks.

They were very quiet on the drive and I assumed it was because they were terrified, but when I got there and uncovered the carriers, they actually looked pretty calm. When we got home (in early afternoon), they ate, used the litter box, nursed, and then sacked out for a couple of hours. By bedtime you’d never know they’d had anything done, they were racing around as usual.


“Did you NEED something, lady?” Archie inquires.


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7-2-20 Thursday — 4 Comments

  1. Amazing the advancement in kitty surgery. I can remember Holly being dopey for 2 days and not hungry at all

  2. All great pictures, but I that one of 5 (?) kittens sacked out on the tree just makes me happy.

    Also, I got the Squashbugs “Nobody Knowwws” banner today, which always makes me very very happy 🙂

    • Oops, no, now I see 6 on the tree!!! I *might* have somehow missed seeing Benjamin initially.

      Also — hi hi, handsome Archie.

  3. Wow. I never thought of MEOW as a 4-letter word before. Thanks, Archie!