6-7-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Please admire Lola’s belly and Bunny’s toes.

Clyde* has the grumpies.⁠

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Bunny recommends that Bugs STOP BITING HER FOOT.

Please admire Bugs’s belly and his big ol’ bunny feet.

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Bugs loves his sparkle ball… and Bunny would like a pet.

Honey has the slurpies.

Good night innernets. (Cutey*)⁠

Truth in advertising. (Cutey*)⁠

Time to eat! (Lucky for Honey and Cutey* they fit under that cone.)⁠

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Bunny, sound asleep, using Cutey* (asleep on her back) as a foot rest. Lola and Bugs rolling around being cute. It’s a rough life, is what it is.⁠

Clyde* is such a little poser.⁠

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If you’ve worried that the soft cone is holding Bunny back, rest assured – it’s not. She’s a playful girl!

Lola’s keeping an eye on Benjamin, who has JUST discovered how to climb up the side of the Fruitasan. (That’s Honey inside the Fruitasan.)⁠ (That Fruitasan came from Pier1. They stopped selling it in the last several months and now Pier1 is going out of business. I’ve seen knockoff versions of it pop up in my FB ads. I’m sure it’ll be a flimsy version, but I have ordered one and will report on how it measures up.)

Good night innernets. (Lola & Benjamin)

Lola needs a snuggle.

Cutey* in the Cuties box with a little bit of tongue showing. As you do.⁠

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Hanging out in the kitten room, watching ’em play. (Please note that Lola has discovered she can grab and hang onto Bunny’s cone. Doesn’t seem to bother Bunny too much, though.)

It’s #Toesday, and as such please admire Lola’s speckled toeses.

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Lola and Cutey* have a tussle.⁠

I could just squoosh Benjamin Bunny all day long.

Good night innernets. (Lola)

The Fancy Sofa is out again, and Bugs has declared it comfy.

Clyde* caught himself a Bugs (that’s Cutey* looking on.)

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Clyde*’s feelin’ feisty – tussling with Cutey* and then going after Lola’s tail.

For those who’ve asked (and there have been a bunch of you) – Bunny’s collar won’t be permanently removed until the wound under her chin is completely healed. The wound is much smaller than it was, but it’s not healed over yet, and she’s prone to scratching it if she goes without the collar for too long. Once it’s completely healed, the collar will come off for good, but I have no idea when that will be.

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On tonight’s episode of Decorating Fluffles, Lola declares “These rugs have GOT TO GO, they’re HIDEOUS!” but Cutey* opposes that, saying “I LIKE them. They STAY!” and proceeds to show Lola who the boss is (it’s apparently not Lola) and Clyde* skitters around aimlessly.

Benjamin loves to snuggle with that snuggle kitty (and it doesn’t hurt that there’s a heated pad under there, too.)

Clyde* and Cutey* tussle, as Benjamin looks on.⁠

Good night innernets. (Cutey*)

There appears to be a baby bear caught in the scratcher tunnel! (Benjamin)

Bunny walked by and gave Clyde* a lick on top of his head while he was sleeping, and he woke up and looked around like “Why is my head wet?”

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Today we are wearing our crazypants.

Cutey* has herself an opinion.

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Lola is getting SUPER sassy with Mama Bunny these days!

Lola gets a bath (like I said, that collar really doesn’t hold Bunny back at all.)

Good night innernets. (Honey)

Lola’s getting sassy with Mama again!

Two sleepy torties (Honey on the left, Cutey* on the right) and Mr. Rattie.

Honey sleeping with her eyes open.⁠

“What doin’, weird lady?” inquires Bugs.

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Cutey wants a snuggle.

“Mine.” (Clyde*)

Good night innernets. (Lola)

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Play time in the kitten room. Poor Cutey* keeps saying “Guys! Look! It’s my Stranger Danger suit! I am fierce! Rowr!” and everyone just ignores her.

😉 (Clyde*)

We missed National Donut Day yesterday, but then again every day is National Donut Day here at Love & Hisses, so here’s a Bugs-topped donut (please don’t miss admiring his toes) with a Cutey*latte on the side.

They LOVE IT when Bunny gets a break from her collar, because apparently it’s the perfect size for climbing in and hanging out, as illustrated by Lola.

Lola gets the ol’ chomperoo from Cutey*.

The Mewchachos absolutely fell in love with the Jackson Galaxy Gravity Tower toy, and naturally after they’d torn it apart I couldn’t find another one anywhere (mostly because I didn’t know where I’d gotten it, who made it, or what the toy was called. Hint to toy manufacturers: if you could press the name of the toy into the plastic as you’re creating it, that would make my life so much easier.) Once I figured out what it was called, I couldn’t find it anywhere (chances are good I got it from Petsmart, and they’re no longer carrying it.) I eventually found them for sale on Groupon and bought a couple, and of course just now I googled it because I couldn’t remember the name of the toy and it appears to be everywhere. Fortunately, the Fluffles like that toy just as much as The Mewchachos did, which is nice after I spent so much time looking for a replacement.

Good night innernets! (Lola, Bugs & Clyde*)


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  1. Does Bunny have long fur?? Since she was clipped of mats, I am assuming that she is a long hair. Those gorgeous ear furnishings are something.

    • Yes, eventually she’ll be long-haired again, it’s just taking a long time for her fur to grow back in. 🙂

    • To denote they’re not Bunny’s biological kittens (people on social media were having a hard time remembering who the add-ins were.)