6-7-19 Friday

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In case you missed it last night on Facebook/Instagram/etc. this happened:

I delivered him myself, and hung around while he explored the house a bit, and then got to meet his new big doggy brother – a Belgian Tervuren who was GORGEOUS and so very well behaved – and his new big kitty sister, who wanted none of his nonsense (I think she’ll change her tune). He’s got two (human) big sisters too, and y’all I was so proud of him. He was nervous, but he was so brave, exploring his new home and meeting everyone.

(There’s going to be a Facebook page, so we’ll get to see his sweet face from time to time – along with the sweet faces of doggy Alf and kitty-sister Madison. Yay!)

I always wonder how my fosters will do, going to homes with dogs and strange cats, when their entire lives all they’ve known is their siblings (and in this case, their parents) and the upstairs of my house. And they always do SO well!

(Interesting fact: all of the Half Pints have gone to homes with dogs. Charles and Caroline are going to a home with dogs, too!)

So now that all the kittens have gone home, it’s Charles and Caroline’s turn. They’ll be headed out of here on Saturday to their new home in Michigan. And then all of the Half Pints will have gone straight from my home to their forever homes (the first time that’s happened for me), and I love it! It honestly makes saying goodbye a little easier.


My brother and sister-in-law have a great cat, Buddy. My brother lost his job and they have to sell their house and move. Buddy does well with kids and other animals, but Buddy does not do well with stress. He can get destructive, clawing things (but not people) and peeing right outside the box. They have tried various solutions to help him manage his stress and the only method they have found so far that works is just riding it out. This will not go over well in a rented apartment. They hate to have to give him up but they can’t keep him. They haven’t had any luck finding a group in their area that will take him. Any suggestions?

Here are pics of Buddy:

They’re located in Gainesville, Florida – if y’all have any suggestions on who they could contact or what they could do, please leave it in the comments (or email it to me, and I’ll pass it along). Thank you!


OMG these little ones are weapons-grade teeny-dorbs. Are they showing any signs of improvement?

They are very slowly getting the hang of eating on their own. I’m mostly concerned about Amelie because she is SO tiny. But I’ve seen her bellying up to the food, and she actually does a decent job of getting food into her mouth (in addition to the food I syringe into her mouth every 3 – 4 hours), so I have hope. They’re all starting to play, and I think that’s a very good sign.


Perhaps Mademoiselle Esmee would like some poutine to fatten her up? (Fresh cut fries, cheese curds and gravy. Honest. To. God.)

I love poutine!


Almanzo, waiting right outside the bathroom door. He learned that from his Pa.

Pa’s all “That’s right, son. That’s how you do it!”

Trying to get under the closet door. Another skill he learned from Pa!

“Who, me? What?”

“Pa won’t let me play with his mouse. HUMPH.”

Watchin’ birds.

She is such a pretty girl.

(I have a few more pictures of him that I’ll share in Monday’s post, along with any pics I take of Charles and Caroline before they head home.)


Hello, trouble. (Amelie)

Oh, that face. Oh, that dried food on that face. These guys will be getting baths this weekend! (Esmee)

Amelie (and Jacques’ butt) hanging out in the Cat Lady Box.

Jacques (on the right) weighs 6 ounces more than his sisters, but when I pick one of them up and then pick him up, I swear I just about throw my back out. He is one chunky monkey.

I swear Jacques goes snorkeling in his food.

“We is sleepin’, lady. You go ‘way.”


Looks like Khal could use a good dusting.


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6-7-19 Friday — 12 Comments

  1. Jacques says “it’s not food on my snout, it’s just my meezer points around my mouth!”

  2. We currently have six fosters, two of which are meezer sisters. It always cracks me up how they look so pouty and judgey, just like your two here. Even though ours are a little older, the looks of pure disdain just throw me. LOL.

  3. Khal needs a kiss, is what he needs!

    I’m so, so happy Almanzo has found his forever home! I love that he has a big doggy brother to keep him “safe”, lol. Who do you think will be ruling that relationship before long, hee…

    Oh, that Amelie and her Precious Moments eyes…These little chatons are just too much. I know you’ll be taking pictures of them post-baths! (Pretty please!)

    • So sorry about bro and sil, know that they want to do right by buddy. Wish that I could help.

      Btw, we really need charlottes and wellingtons folks to show up!

  4. Yay for Almanzo! I look forward to seeing him on Facebook! I feel a heart tug that come Saturday the era of the Half Pints comes to an end at your house – but it does help to know they were all adopted DIRECTLY from your home! Congratulations on that!

    Re sweet Buddy – not a concrete idea, bur I know that Gainesville FL is the home of the University of Florida which has a huge veterinary school there. Perhaps folks there may have some suggestions and/or resources to offer. It’s worth a call or two, or perhaps a check of the school’s website.

  5. It is thrilling that every single Half Pint got adopted straight from your place. Godspeed, Almanzo, and tomorrows the day, Charles and Caroline, the most romantic couple in the known universe!

    Thanks for doing so right by this lovely family, Robyn. They’ve been a joy.

  6. Regarding Buddy: First suggestions are always vet visits to rule out a physical cause of the inappropriate peeing. The vet should also be able to suggest medication that can help with anxiety, if that is the actual cause. Obviously, a move is stressful, and that is what it is, BUT, pets will also always pick up stress from the owners. If you are feeling stressed out and reacting as such, the pets will detect it and react however they do to however you are projecting that. Some are more sensitive, of course. None of this is EASY, but you have to project and live your life calmly and deliberately. Extra play and cuddle time while you focus your love on the pet, not while you’re distracted by something else like TV.

    If the clawing is #1, then there is double-sided sticky tape to discourage that. Lots of extra clawing posts or cardboard scratchers available, and lots of catnip.

    If the peeing outside the box is always right by the box, put out disposable incontinence pads all around it. That can get expensive, but it’s pretty easy to dispose of them, and the human ones from the drug store are usually better than ones specifically for pets, and often cheaper too, if you get the “house brand”. You can also get washable, reusable ones on Amazon. But then you will be doing a lot of washing, which I’m not sure is an option. These “peeing outside the box” remedies are my direct experience with an old cat who suddenly did not want to use the litter box for the peeing (pooping was okay, go figure).

    Some people have had good results with Feliway, others not. Worth a try. Good luck!

  7. I am sure your foster babies always do well when they go to their new homes because they have grown up with so much love and stability, plenty of time to play, comfort, love, pets, good food, safety, and exploration. You can take credit for creating brave and bold little kitties!