6-7-18 Thursday

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Note: I am going out of town (leaving today) and won’t be back for several days. There will be a new post up tomorrow morning, but I am taking next week off from blogging. The next new blog post (after tomorrow) will be on June 18th. However, there will be 4 posts (sometimes more) every day on Instagram (which will be shared to Facebook and Tumblr) of the kittens.


Look who it is!

Sisters Phoenix and Stardust hanging out together, all comfy and up in each others’ space. How adorable are they?

(Thanks, Debra!)


Oksana and Brian Boitano. You can’t tell it from this picture (and because of the floof), but he actually weighs more than she does!

Oh, that Tessa. She sure does need herself a kiss.


Ohno and Tessa from above.

“Pardon me, lady, has you heard anything about any toes?”

Tessa, appalled.

I’m surprised those whiskers even fit under that scratcher.

“Mama says I should tell the weird lady to go away. We is having mother-daughter bonding time.”

“What you lookin’ at?”

“Oh, her. Yeah, she’s weird.”

Ohno was laying in my lap getting her chin rubbed when Debi came along to give her the ol’ smackeroo.


Oh, that Khal. He sure is a pretty one.


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6-7-18 Thursday — 10 Comments

  1. We are going to miss you, Robyn, but I hope you have a wonderful time and stay safe.

    If all of you out there could send up prayers for my little one (Felix). He is 11 months old and has had knee surgery for a luxating patella. it was done 2.5 weeks ago (Monday will be 3). All was well until yesterday when his knee popped out again. The little man was born with bad knees (the other one is bad too…but not as much). To make it worse, he is a wild man (but loves to cuddle and get pets or carried around). That makes it harder to “keep him calm”. He spent the night in the “pop-up” to give his knee a rest and now he is closed up in a room with me. Thank you, in advanced. He is sooooo young to have this problem.

    • If you have a friend that has a playpen that they are not using, turn it upside down and then put Felix under it. We had to do this for Mokie when she had to have knee surgery. There should be enough room to put in a small litter pan, food, and water. It worked fine and I am sure that Mokie was bigger than Felix is. Did the vet wrap it? If not, ask them about wrapping it. After Mokie’s knee was not healing right, the vet put her in a splint. It was hard to get Mokie’s knee to heal. Of course the fact that is was 20+ pounds at the time, didn’t help the situation. Hope Felix gets better real soon.

    • All kinds of good thoughts yours and Felix’s way. And purrs and scratchy kisses from my kitties to Felix as well! Banderling would like some back as he’s not doing so well himself. He’s 18 and having some liver issues right now. He’s on meds but he’s barely eating. We’re actually having to “force feed” with a syringe some of them time.

      Ugh! What heartache they put us through but it’s so worth going through for what they give back.

  2. Robyn, enjoy your vacation, and we hope to see lots of great pics when you get back! Oh, did something happen to that sweet little gray kitty from the Carolina litter – Charlotte – so she had to be returned? And what of the little Siamese from Belle’s litter that she was adopted with, Lumiere – does he need a new home too?

    • Charlotte was returned last week due to health issues; Lumiere (now Buck, I think) is still with the adopters. When I get back, I plan to go up to Challenger’s House to see her and also see Wellington (foster from the ‘Taters litter in 2013 or 2014 who was also recently returned). Oh how I hate returns (while also being grateful that Challenger’s House and Forgotten Felines will always take their cats back)!

  3. Have a nice vacation, Robyn! We will miss you; my husband I check your website daily during our breaks at work. It is such a nice pick-me-up!

    On another note, I wish we could adopt the two older kittens, but you are in AL and I am in MA so it would not be feasible. Plus, my husband would probably move out–we have 3 cats, down from 5 in 2016, and 3 is definitely easier, and they are used to one another (they don’t necessary LIKE each other, but there is at least the familiarity). I tease my husband sometimes, though, by telling him what I would name “my kitten(s)” and remind him that you are from New England originally and may be traveling up this way sometime and maybe possibly could bring the kitten(s) along. He just rolls his eyes. 🙂

    Oh, BTW, Torvill would become “Salem” and Oxsana “Sabrina”. We had a “Salem” when we were kids, and she was all black like the cat in the comic books–which I loved to read. Plus, Sabrina The Teenage Witch is being revamped in a “darker” way on TV, similar to how they revamped “Archie”. So, the names would be very timely!

    Again, have a good vacation!

  4. Man, Katia sures looks like she means business in her “What you lookin’ at?” picture.

    So nice to see the Khal doing what he does best – look regal.

    Have a great trip, Robyn! The babies should be about ready to graduate from college by the time you get back.

  5. Have fun, wherever you are going. Gonna miss your pictures and updates. And I’m taking off myself on June 20th. No idea if I’ll be able to follow along over in Europe.

    GREAT to see Phoenix and Stardust! Yay!