6-22-20 Monday

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Hello Benjamin Bunny. (I like that this picture shows the current color of his eyes. Still some blue!)

Honey has a think.

Bunny, also having a think.

Benjamin was sound asleep, but woke as I tried to sneak up on him.

Nap time with Mama.

Benjamin and Clyde snuggle up for a nap.

Bugs has a ::thlurrrp::

Clyde, right in the middle of everything. I still haven’t seen Clyde and Cutey attempt to nurse – they’ve both sniffed around at the milk bar, and Bunny would 100% let them nurse if they wanted to, but they haven’t attempted it. I’m guessing they were too old by the time we got them to even try. If that changes, I will certainly let y’all know!

Lola’s eyes up close. Still a little blue around the edges!

Box o’ torties, and doesn’t Honey look thrilled?

Family portrait. All eyes on me!

The kittens are 10 weeks old and except for Cutey are now over 2 pounds (Cutey’s only a ounce below two pounds.) You can see their weight chart here, at the bottom of their page. Please note that Lola gained HALF A POUND in one week. They all certainly like their food!


Rolling around in the sun, holding onto her leg and tail and cleaning her tail. That’s how she does things, our Alice Mo.

YouTube link


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6-22-20 Monday — 13 Comments

  1. Alice Mo made me smile my late tabby boy used that method of tail cleaning.

  2. what a winner of a post! Beautiful family portrait surrounded by cute as baby photos, Link to baby Stompers! and the Alice Mo the Calico song. L&H best history right here today

  3. I adore how Clyde has his paw on Mama Bunny in the family portrait. He is forever her biggest fan.

  4. I’m sure you already know this trick, but I’ve found the best way to get kitties to look at the camera is to rustle a receipt or candy wrapper or other crinkly material. I get the best expressions that way!

    • In the winter, when I have pockets, I always have a mylar ball in my pocket for just such a reason. In the summer, I have no pockets, so I always come up short! (Maybe I need to shop for shorts-with-pockets!)

  5. 🙁 The Fluffles page says that Bunny gave birth to SIX kittens. There were FOUR. Just in case you want to fix that.

    • Hi, she gave birth to 6 but 2 of them died before they got to Robyn. Cutie and Clyde came in about a week after the Fluffles and they are about a week younger than Bunny’s kittens. Their whole history is documented here, good reading.

    • Deb is right, Bunny gave birth to six kittens but two of them passed away. That is covered on their page, in the couple of paragraphs after the first picture.