6-23-20 Tuesday

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In case you missed it on social media yesterday, we have an adoption pending on Benjamin and Honey (together!) and are taking applications on the other 4 kittens and on Bunny. The kittens are going for their spay/neuter surgeries on July 1st and should be able to go home soon after.

Forgotten Felines of Huntsville has a strict kitten policy – kittens MUST either be adopted in pairs OR be joining a home with young cats already in residence, no exceptions. (As an adult, Mama Bunny can be adopted without a playmate – though of course if you’re interested in Bunny and a kitten, that’s certainly possible!) We are located in Huntsville, Alabama and you must either live in the area or be willing to come here to complete the adoption. Kittens cannot be shipped or handed over to a third party. Email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.


Benjamin, Clyde and Honey have a snuggle.

The gang’s all here.

That seems comfy, Lola.

Honey, Benjamin and Clyde having ANOTHER snuggle.

Clyde looks very pleased with himself.

I don’t think I’ve had a litter that is this consistent about napping on Fred’s bed every afternoon. They’re ALL always there, and they are the BEST little naptime companions – snuggly and sweet.

Cutey and Clyde strike a pose.

Hallo, Bugs.

Clyde and Honey in the Cutie box.

So so SO sweet.


If you’d told me a year ago that Archie would have no problem with Khal sleeping this close to him, I’m not sure I would have believed you. I’m not saying Archie has given up his angry ways, but he seems to be mellowing. A LITTLE.


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6-23-20 Tuesday — 11 Comments

  1. I’m so glad to read that the kittens are going to their new homes in pairs. Although I know they adjust quickly, it’s still good to know they will have a familiar buddy with them as they settle in.

    • Good question – I haven’t heard of them, but I would imagine that in most cases they don’t live beyond a few hours, if that.

  2. I cannot believe it’s been 5 years since Miz Poo passed away… I loved her. I still do.

  3. Did Khal wait until Archie was asleep to sneak up there? That’s what my bratty boy cat used to do with my senior girl (because if he tried while she was awake, it never ended well, lol).

    • I wasn’t present when it happened (I walked into the room, gasped, and took a picture immediately), but I wouldn’t be at ALL surprised if Khal waited ’til Archie was asleep!

  4. Clyde baby, Clyde: he poses just like my Sidney who is an orange/white adopted kitty. That sweet ” hey you I am lovin’ you” face is a sure suck-you-in and somone is going to not be able to resist him. Orange/white kitties give so much love back

    • That is SO true! My orange and white boy Fizzy is the most loving friendly cat I’ve ever known. I would love to adopt Clyde and Cutey together, since torties are my other favourite!