6-21-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Lola the flirt (and please admire that delightful tummy.)

Oh good lord, Clyde’s serious little face.

Oh, that Benjamin. Have I mentioned I could just squoosh him all day long?

Bugs’s little face always cracks me UP.

This triple-kitten pie has a lot of attitude… and floof! (Clyde, Cutey and Honey)

Good night innernets. (Lola)(and my foot)

Breakfast is served! Clockwise from Clyde, we have: Clyde, Lola, Benjamin, Honey, Cutey, Bunny and Bugs.

“This doesn’t involve you, lady. Walk away.” (Bunny, Bugs and Lola)

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Benjamin is like “I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it.”

Lola’s hanging out in the hallway with Bunny.

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Clyde and Benjamin tussling, and Bunny and Bugs tussling. When she gets a sniff of his back end and looks up… the look on her face cracks me UP.

Getting some attitude from Honey…

Good night innernets. (Lola)

It’s Toesday, and Benjamin checks to be sure his toes are in order (they are!)

The Fluffles now have the run of the upstairs during the day and they’re enjoying the extra room to roam. (We block the stairway so they can’t get downstairs and the permanent residents can’t get upstairs; at night we remove it and the Fluffles get locked back in the foster room for the night so the permanent residents can harass their humans.)

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Cutey thinks Bunny’s tail is the BEST toy.

Lola and Clyde are figuring out this track toy together.⁠

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Clyde gets a bath from Bunny (and then Bunny wanders off to play while Clyde gives her the Love Eyes.)

It’s a Honey-Clyde pie. My favorite! (All kitten pies are my favorite. You knew that, right?)

Good night innernets. (Bugs)

Good morning innernets. Cutey has brought the dog fur toy for your breakfast because she’s a giver.

Two brudders, enjoying a little sunshine. (Clyde & Benjamin)

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Honey and Bugs have a tussle, while Lola watches. (I love how Bunny stomps into view and goes over to Lola and immediately starts cleaning her. Her babies are gonna be CLEAN if she’s got anything to say about it!)

Six little Fluffles, all in a row. Left to right: Lola, Bugs, Honey (back), Clyde (front), Benjamin & Cutey.

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Cutey, Clyde and Lola have a tussle. I love the way they LEAP! onto each other with such glee.

Honey and Lola discovered the scratching post in Fred’s office and think it’s awesome. (Honey’s right eye is a little goopy; ointment will fix that right up.)

Good night innernets. (Clyde, on the Fancy Sofa.)

Laundry helper Benjamin would like you to know that the laundry’s done.

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Throw Back Thursday – watching the kittens playing with Bunny’s tail reminded me of this video from 2015. Permanent resident Tom Cullen was twitching his tail, and foster kitten Carlin was trying his very best to sproing up and catch it. For a little guy, that kitten could jump!

Somehow I feel like Bunny thinks this is my fault.⁠

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Throw Back Thursday: back in 2011 we had a pregnant foster named Maggie who had six kittens (we gave them Irish names and called them The McMaos). When her kittens were about two months old, three orphan girl kitties (Coriander, Cilantro and Clove – the Spice Girls) joined us. They needed a mother, and Maggie was willing to mother them. One day Maggie was just walking across the kitchen, minding her own business and she was attacked by a roving band of degenerate hooligans who neatly took her down like a gazelle being taken down by a pride of lions. (Everyone was adopted into wonderful homes.) I wish the video was clearer and brighter, but y’know. It was 2011, technology was less advanced way back then. 🙂

Get yer Clyde-tini before we run out!

We have a lights-on no-one-home situation going on here with Honey.

Good night innernets. (Cutey)

Family portrait, kinda. From left: Bunny, Lola, Clyde (in the back, not looking at me), Bugs (in the middle), Honey (front), Benjamin & Cutey.

Yes, unless I am around and can keep an eye on her, Bunny is still in the collar. She’s not thrilled and neither am I – but the wound under her chin was so extensive that it’s not surprising it’s taking so long to heal. I will be so happy when we can toss that collar for good – and I know she will be, too.

Permanent resident Newt would like to speak to the manager. ⁠We’re having two big trees in the back yard removed today, so the cats haven’t been allowed to go outside*. Newt keeps going over to the window (there are cat doors from the screened porch into the back yard, but most of the cats expect us to open the window for them (AND WE DO) so they can go in and out that way) and giving me this look. It’s gonna be a long day, Newt.⁠

*We have a cat fence around the back yard (it’s made by Purrfect Fence and works beautifully to keep the cats confined to the back yard) and the cats are allowed out during the day.

Bugs has THE most ridiculously long tail. I swear it’s longer than the rest of his body.

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If Clyde didn’t want to have his butt kicked, he shouldn’t have picked a fight with someone four times his size, I say. (Bonus Benjamin butt-kicking at the end.)

Also on the ridiculously-long-tail team (see Bugs in the earlier post) is Lola.

Good night innernets. (Benjamin)(Seriously, those white ear tufts KILL. ME. DEAD.)

Let’s start off Caturday with a little drink I like to call a NOPE-tini, starring Honey.

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Clyde in a box, chasing his tail. As he does.⁠

Clyde & Lola consider a tussle.

Pink is Cutey’s color.

Benjamin and Honey LOVE hanging out between the pillows.

Good night innernets. (Bugs)


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  1. Oh the “previously” list for the this day on 2012 is THAT baby stompers photo!

  2. Oh I teared up again over Dennis’ adoption post…what a sweet boy! I know you still miss him. ❤️

  3. Lol, I love the Bathing Clyde video! Who’s the little nutbar in the background, marching to the beat of his/her own track toy?

    (Oh! And it’s our annual Baby Stompers throwback!! If you can (and want to, I mean it is your blog!), you should do a daily link-throwback to a random Stompies post and introduce your new readers to the marvel that was Stompers.