6-21-19 Friday

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Well, thankfully it’s just a few of them… Dumb question, but can adult cats pick up ringworm? Or is it just a kitten thing like pink eye in a daycare (one gets it, they ALL friggin’ get it. No, I don’t have kids but oh boy do I remember many a co-worker tell me about that nightmare.)?

Random Felines answered this one (thanks!) – Adults CAN get it, but what I’ve noticed in a rescue setting is that those with immune issues (FIV, malnourished, etc) tend to get it while really healthy adults tend not to get it. Not all the time mind you, but in some cases

This makes sense to me, because the Mainers were really sick when I first got them, and once they started to recover, that’s when the ringworm started popping up. With this bunch, Esmee and Amelie were in kind of rough shape at first, so it doesn’t surprise me that they’re the ones who’ve got it. I’m hoping that none of the others start showing signs, but that’s probably too much to ask for!


Some cats (and people!!) are seemingly immune from ringworm. I’ve never been that lucky but it happens. I stopped the constant bathing the second time through, too. Although I did still obsess a bit over the laundry. With the last time, it was more trying to prevent me from the outbreak than to intervene with the kittens; it previously had become vicious cycle – kittens -> me -> kittens -> me – so I didn’t want that again.

With the Mainers last summer, even though the kittens crawled all over me even after the ringworm showed up and I kissed them constantly, I only ended up with one small spot on my arm. It was easily treatable and didn’t bother me at all, so perhaps I’m immune.


2012 pictures are of Stompers when he was still Cicero! How can that be 7 years ago????


Aww thanks for making me re-look at 2012 Janna. Is that Dingwall Scotty or Caspian?

I’m fairly sure that’s Caspian at the bottom of that post. That was back in the day when we used the guest bedroom as a second foster room… instead of just shoving two litters together!

Those Stompers pictures continue to just kill me dead. That boy!


I’m curious, have you had any feline visitors at Shady Cove since you’ve been there? I know that it’s a much more contained area than Crooked Acres was, but where there’s a will…

Only a few passing visitors – an orange tabby showed up while Fred was working outside last year, stayed to be petted, and then went along his way. We had a black cat show up in the back yard not long after we moved in (before we put up the cat fence), but the instant he saw me, he took off. There are people in the neighborhood who have free-roaming cats, and we occasionally spot them when we’re driving out of or into the neighborhood, but it’s nothing at all like it was at Crooked Acres.


I know not everyone looks like their mama, but I can’t help but think that there is some meezer momma that is desperately missing her kitten babies. Wasn’t there any mama’s who had meezer colorings that could be their REAL mama?

I truly don’t know – I’m not privy to the inner workings of that shelter, but I can say that Ohno and Picabo from last year were both meezers, and Kristi (definitely their mama) is a dilute tortie. I like to think that if the employees had seen a meezer mama, they would have put meezers in with her, but I really don’t know.


Is it just me, or does Amelie (especially in today’s pictures) remind anyone else of a brown tabby version of Tony (RH) Pickle?

I can totally see that!


By the way, I know that the sidebar is desperately in need of updating; I’m hoping to get to it this weekend!


Esmee needs a kiss.

Francois has a pout.

Jacques needs a snuggle.

Hanging out in the ess, snuggling with an Ikea rat. You do you, Madeline.

“For a kitten that isn’t mine, this one certainly seems to make herself at home.” (Katriane & Amelie)

Katriane, Esme, Amelie and Margeaux belly up to the dinner plate.

Amelie and Antoine in the Tiny Basket, Jacques attending to personal matters, and Francois isn’t sure WHAT is going on.

Margeaux loves to sit there and look out the window.

“What doin’?”
“I dunno!” (Francois & Madeline)

Oh, that Amelie.

Figuring out the track toy.

Antoine hanging out in a giant tea cup with a toy fish taco. As you do.


“Gonna sit right here and keep an eye on the ‘nip. ‘Cause that’s what a good sheriff would do!” (Kara/ Sheriff Mama)


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  1. Amelie is totally a tabby version of Tony (RH) Pickle!

    How is it that kittens just seem to know that striking certain poses – such as lying on their backs, paws up in the air (looking at you, Madeline) – make humans turn to mush?

  2. ***
    La teigne, c’est le problème
    Les chatons sont en quarantaine
    Pauvre, pauvre femme fou
    Une autre maladie du cuir chevelu
    Ringworm, it’s the problem
    The kittens are in quarantine
    Poor, poor weird lady
    Another disease of the scalp

  3. I would like to state that perhaps the daddy (or one of the daddys) was a meezer.