4-7-20 Tuesday

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Carmelita is just so proud of herself for getting up to the top and staying there.

Off she goes!

Alejandro, temporary king of the hill.

Pablo’s turn! His loony little face kills me.

Isabella keeping an eye on things from up high.

I moved the scratcher, but Carmelita doesn’t care where it is, she’s gonna climb it.

Pablo on top, Alejandro running through.

Oh, that boy.

Diego’s head tilt is killing me.

Carmelita has started getting up in the window, going FLOOF, and strutting back and forth. She cracks me UP.


Kittens don’t impress Alice. Not much beyond ham and her daddy impresses Alice, to be honest.

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4-7-20 Tuesday — 13 Comments

  1. Aww….I’ve loved other kitties,but this litter is so sweet & special!

  2. I just love Pablo’s loony little face! And Carmelita’s floof suit — I wonder who she is trying to impress!!

  3. Dang it, I deleted my question without pasting it somewhere to save it. I’ll try writing it again.

    We have two senior cats, one of whom recently lost a lot of weight. Among other diagnostic and therapeutic avenues, the vet suggested we add some wet food to their diet, which had previously been only kibble. They eat a prescription food because the cat we’re currently worried about has allergies, so we tried the canned version of the same food. The cat we’re not worried about took to it with gusto and happily eats her dinner each night. The cat we’re worried about (her name is Pilar) shows no interest in wet food, though. I’ve tried all three flavors of the prescription food, as well as Gerber chicken baby food since I remember you said cats all love that. But she just sniffs the food to appease me and then wanders back to the bowl of kibble. Because of her allergies, trying all sorts of different foods until we find one she likes isn’t a safe option. Is there anything I can do to make this food more appealing to a picky cat? Thanks in advance. I trust your opinion since you’ve known and raised so many cats.

    • I know this was directed to Robyn, but if I could just chime in… I have had some success with sprinkling FortiFlora on top of wet food. It is actually a probiotic powder, but can also be used to entice reluctant wet food eaters. You can get it at Chewy.com and other places.

      • Thank you for the suggestion! I’m happy for any chiming in, at this point I’ll take any suggestions. I just wish she’d eat more and gain weight back to her usual self.

      • Unfortunately, fish is the thing we think she’s most allergic to :\ Thank you for the suggestion, though!

    • Heidi’s suggestion is a good one, and so is Random Feline’s! I would also try (if you can, depending on her allergies) something like the juice from a can of tuna drizzled over the canned food – the smell might entice her. (I’m going to post this in Friday’s post as well, so check Friday’s comments – someone out there might have an idea we haven’t thought of.)

      • Thank you so much! Unfortunately, like I just said above, we’re pretty sure fish is what she’s most allergic too. Definitely inconvenient for a cat! I will be sure to check today’s comments, thank you for including it! (Pilar says thank you as well, as she’s crouching over my hands as I type!)

        A hopeful update to her eating, though: last night, on the fifth day of anti-nausea medication and after two weeks of trying to give her wet food with no interest, she finally ate the wet food at dinner! We’ll have to see if the trend continues, but for now I do have a little more hope. <3

  4. Carmelita strutting and floofing in the window! Oh, that girl… what a character.